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adam howarth
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Just found out 14 years from first symtoms still could have been worse

Hi my name is Adam and I'm 27 years old but since the age of 13 I have had these severe stomach cramps and stabbing pains in my stomach and going to the toilet...nightmare sometimes like vomiting out my bottom sometimes little pebbles (similar to IBS). Forever visiting my doctors who kept running tests and coming back with the same solution IBS after following a special diet for two years for this condition and finding my symptoms where getting worse not better I thought that the only other thing left to try was to knock my cannabis addiction on the head as I had started this roughly about a year before my first symptoms. Within weeks symptoms went from coup-able to incredibly painful up all night severe stabbing pains in the abdomen. After being like this for about 4 month's went away to stay with a friend for the weekend ended up there all week as I was struck down with these severe stomach pains for bout six hours after eating, then vomiting, but even after vomiting the pains still persisted. Up all night, again with severe pains, waking up flu like and freezing for about 4-5 hours. After a week took myself A&E they kept me over night then referred me to my local doctors so they could book me in for an endoscopy. Managed to make the 4 hour train journey home still in pure agony, returned home still the same. Over next week and half visited hospital 3 more times before being admitted and diagnosed with crohn's disease.
Now I'm no doctor but all I can say is my condition defiantly worsened after decreasing (more or less stopping) my cannabis usage to have the illness from the age of 13 and never have had to have surgery up until now is quite an accomplishment from what I can gather lol. Needless to say doctors have told me I must stop smoking which is a bit of a catch 22 as when I smoke cannabis I do so via a spliff. I do believe however I will be increasing my cannabis usage once again as the advantages seem to outweigh the negative effect the tobacco has upon the disease...unless somebody knows different as I am new to all this (only known for 4 days lol)and am still trying to weigh up the facts so any advise would be much appreciated and to think I just used to use it to get high lol but always knew it had a higher power lol.
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Did your doctors say stop smoking the ganja or tobacco? There are actually multiple studies saying marijuana has a positive effect on crohn's and UC, if I were you I would buy myself a vaporizer (that's what I did), it mitigates most of the combustion leaving out a lot of the harmful chemicals in the smoke, still leaving the user with pain relief, a high and Ofcourse less bathroom trips
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adam howarth
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was thinking of doing exactly that like I said it's only because this is how I would smoke in the past with tobacco because the other thing is now cut back on the cannabis smoking increased only to about 5 or 6 a day where as I would usually have about three spliff's a day when smoking not big ones ether. But yes was thinking vaporizer and edibles is it true you can vaporize the green then use the left overs to cook with would like to make some nice edibles well... once they chop me bowl up lol in hospital at the moment on steroid drip and liquid nutrition waiting for the inflammation to go down to see if it's scared and narrowed if so there gonna snip it out so... bit tense at the mo lol.
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Hi Adam, sorry to hear about what you are going through right now.

Regarding MJ, I can tell you that I was a rec user for a couple of years while in college. I was having some gastro issues at the time, but nothing too bad. I decided to stop smoking pot and my gastro issues worsened. Within a year, I was having surgery for Crohns. I suspect my MJ use was actually treating Crohns that I did not know I had. I know of another person with a similar experience.

You should check out this sub-forum on Medical Marijuana:
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Hey There,

I will say this much, My sons friend has crohns, he was diagnosed when he was 16 years old. He is now 21. He has not been on ANY meds for his crohns. He just smokes cannabis. He has no issues at all with his crohns. You have to remember, Cannabis was here A LONG time ago and is known to be a very good medicinal herb. It is man that made it a bad drug. I mean I am in no way an advocate for abusing drugs, but I am all for it if it helps a person feel better and makes their life more comfortable and pain free. I live in Illinois where it is still illegal. I am hoping our congress will eventually come to their senses and legalize it , at least medically anyhow.

Wow, sorry it took soo long for you to get a diagnosis too. How did they finally diagnose you, with what test? Anyhow, I am glad you finally have an answer to your problem even though it sucks.

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adam howarth
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thanks for all your replies people it has been a very difficult few years especially past few weeks as I said in hospital at the moment had the op to remove chunk of my bowl on Thursday had a terrible weekend. Friday was fine obviously sore from op but on a sloppy diet by doctor Saturday my stomach had swelled like a balloon and was really ill couldn't move out of bed had my stomach aspourated (pumped not to sure on spelling lol).Sunday had about 2 hours sleep but have grown used to this recently before waking up with terrible stabbing and shooting pains in the rectum and stomach area and passed a bit of wind but again painful. Fingers crossed this is it starting back up I'm drinking and passing fluids at the moment so...will keep you posted @ Ihurt (nice username lol couldn't have summed it up better) CT scan like I said after coming to A & E 5 times!! in two weeks had a chest x-ray saw was en flamed admitted me took me for a CT scan tried to treat with steroids for about a day then rushed me into surgery. Surgeon said after surgery I defiantly needed it once opened up and looked at and can I please stress to people who have been diagnosed or know somebody who has been diagnosed with IBS and treatment doesn't seem to be working get on there case and suggest crohn's I was on there case and it still managed to get to this stage. Please don't let this happen to you or a friend and back @ Ihurt I live in the UK where the laws are as old and outdated as the old farts who sit on the back bench lol no change likely soon but I know my own body and after this fiasco ain't no one telling me any different I'll do this my own way.

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