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Any good outcomes with Perianal Disease?

Hi Everyone,

I am curious how many of your kiddos have or had peri-anal disease and if treatment was successful. My son who will be 15 next week just had abscess drainage and seton placement 2 day ago. Wondering how other kids dealt with the seton and what was done to prevent this from reoccurring.

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Sorry, that isn't something we've dealt with, but I'm going to send my encouragement to bump this message up so others will be more likely to see it and reply! Hopefully, they'll be along shortly...
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Sorry, just dealt with fissures but gone for now.
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My son had a perianal abscess that developed just before he was diagnosed. It went away after he took a course of cipro and flagyl and started azathioprine. What meds is your son on?
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