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Colonoscopy with anesthesia?

Hello again,

It's been awhile since I've posted on the forum.

Well, I'm scheduled for another colonoscopy in the upcoming month, seeing as my last one was a failure. My colon was extremely sensitive and he couldn't move the scope around at all. He said he gave me the highest amount of sedation that he's given anyone in a very long time and I was still in extreme pain.

He wants me to have another one, but this time he wants to knock me completely out with anesthesia. I'm a bit afraid of going completely under, as I've only had local anesthesia before during my wisdom teeth extraction.

I am a bit bummed about having to do the whole prep again, as well... Miralax and Gatorade, here I come!

Anyways. Have any of you ever had to be put under anesthesia because you were in too much pain for the doctor to continue with sedation? And he said my extreme pain could have been from that true?
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Every EGD or Colonoscopy I have had I have been completely under with Proforoyl (spelling is probably wrong). Nurse says count backwards from 10, I make it to 9 and then I wake up and its over. If you have inflamation, it could give the scope a smaller area to try to pass through.
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The only way I would have a colonoscopy is to be put out all the way. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is a Dr. watching you all the time.

Don't freak out about it. You will never have it done any other way after they put you out. That is for sure, you don't feel anything at all.
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I was out, out , out! I dont think I could do it any other way.
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I was to be put out each time. However, the first time I awoke as they were aggressively trying to pass the tubing into me. I can not remember ever waking to such screaming pain....they gave me oxygen and more meds to put me under. The following tests they were told to give me my "happy meds" and keep me out until done. Each test thereafter was done successfully. I understand your hesitancy, as my first experience was excruciating, but you are out for a very short time (test does not take all that long), so make sure your doc chooses a very good anesthesiologist; as that is very important to your health.
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First colonscopy I had was in 1999. They didn't even mention it could be under anestesia. Second, third, fourth etc. also without anestesia.

Then in 2005, different country, different doctor, he asked "Do you want to be asleep for it?" I was astonished that this was possible. Given my experience with colonoscopies (yes, they really really are horrible diagnostic procedures if you are not asleep!) I have opted for anestesia ever since. You are out for 10-15 minutes, but that's completely fine. Half an hour later you are back to your old self again, if you want to, you could even work in the afternoon after having the procedure in the morning.

I would never do a colonscopy again without drugs. Honestly. It's like having your dentist doing a filling without anestesia, who in the world would do that today?
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I've had a GA for both colonoscopies..

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I've had two colonoscopies and was put under both times. I didn't remember a thing and felt no pain at all.
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for my colonoscopy i was put under, i dont quite remember which drug they used to knock me out but i was out almost before the count down even began. i'd never have a colonoscopy without being put under! you'll wake up and feel no pain other than maybe some gas built up that doesnt release well while your asleep but once you wake up and get it out you'll be fine!
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Ive had five Colonoscopies , 4 of them with just gas and the last I was knocked out . My choice would be to be knocked out with out any question . Its less stressfull for you and the Doctor and allows them to take their time instead of be concerned if your uncomfortable.
There's nothing to it , a small pin prick in the back of the hand or arm and your out . I didnt get any nausea or any other side effects like i did with the gas.
Much better way of doing it after a day of prep.

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I have had 4 colonoscopies, and was knocked out for all of them, doctor didn't even give it as an option, so I didn't know I could be awake for them. I think that would be horrible to be aware of the whole thing. And when you are knocked out, they can take any biopsies they may need with no fuss. I tolerate GA very well, I've gone under 10 times and haven't had any problems. But everyone reacts differently to it, and it also depends on what drugs they use to put you under. You may be very very tired all the next day, or you could get really nauseous, or you could wake a feel fantastic. But it's really nothing to be worried about at all.
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4 with Profaphol and 1 without (because the new blasted insurance wouldn't allow it). The 'without' one was horrible! Never again, even if I have to pay for it myself....
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I think I've had either 4 or 5 colonoscopies (I keep records, but don't recall the count off the top of my head). Don't know exactly what drugs I get, they have not been under general anestesia, but I was so out that I might was well have been. I am a "cheap date" and even when they've tried to keep me a little aware, I don't remember any of it. Last time they were setting up the video monitor so I could watch and I told them "don't bother, I won't remember any of it". Next thing I was aware of, I was in post-op.

The stuff also really messes up my short-term memory. Though I am supposedly awake by the time I get discharged, I don't recall any of my post-ops. I've been told I'm even sillier and more talkative than usual.

One time, when I again was aware (much later in the day), my wife asked me who "Gwen" was. I told her I've never know a Gwen in my entire life; she told me I kept babbling on about Gwen in post-op.
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Only had one and I was out. It went very smooth. You don't need to watch it, they give you photos to take home for your fridge anyway. When I was getting put under I thought "ok, they're about to start the propofol, lets see how long I can stay a...zzzzz"

And when I woke up, they wouldn't let me leave until I farted, and boy did I!

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