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Headed to Cincinnatti...Appt with Psychologist

Hey all,
We are taking our son to Cincinnatti soon to have his records reviewed/second opinion as well as hopefully developing a treatment strategy for what we believe to be crohn's disease. When we got the appt to see the doctor, they also made an appt to see a psychologist at the hospital. I am trying to determine what kinds of help the psychologist will supply us, as we live too far away for any regular counseling sessions and have access here in our own town to couselors we would feel more comfortable with. Just wondering what other parents who may have been to Cincinnatti have experienced in this regard, and how beneficial it actually is. What sort of help do they offer in regards to coping skills? What can I expect to come away from this visit receiving? Trying to decide if we should keep this appt. or just focus on the medical doctor visit and cancel the psychology appt. Is there anything I should be aware of before we go? Thanks in advance.
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We used to drive to Cinncy fr Claires rheumatology visits. While I can't speak to GI care there, I know they Use a team approach for rheumatology clinic. They probably do the same wth GI and there are plenty of psychological/social issues for kids with IBD and other chronic Illness.

Id go with what they've set up for you and see how it goes. May just be a visit focusing on coping tools or pain management - neither would be a bad thing IMO.



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We have taken to DS to CCHMC IBD clinic for a 2nd opinion-
Pysch is just part of the package. They assess and provide notes as well as suggestions on who to "see close to home". THeir focus is how IBD affects the child and the family. They provide means to control chronic pain without meds as well.
Worth the appt. if you are driving there anyways.

Nutrition also may be pulled in as well.
They are big on teams.

good luck
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I'm not from that neck of the woods - but my son does see a therapist weekly and I believe she has been an invaluable part of his team of supporters/providers. Regardless if you'd be able to have weekly visits with the pyschologist away from town - they may be able to work closely with the therapist you find locally keeping the whole team talking. We live about 1.5 hours away from the major children's hospital in our area (and at least 45 minutes to an hour away from their off-site clinics), but our pediatrician keeps close tabs with them and vice versa - lots of letters, phone calls and emails go back and forth and his therapist is welcomed in the mix at all times.

Good luck!!

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I would keep the appointment. I have never been to Cincy, but know one of the GI dr's there because he was my son's GI here. The team approach is good at addressing the whole child. Stress plays a big role in IBD and seeing the psychologist there will give the GI's someone to talk to about your child's stress level. Then you can get a game plan for seeing a counselor locally if need be.

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