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Anal skin tags/ perrianal crohns

I am 13 and was diagnosed when I was 12. I was disgnosed with a colonoscopy and endoscopy, during which they noticed a skin tag on my anus. I had noticed it before but was not really bothered by it. My GI looked at it and the only mention of it after was that the only other patient she had seen with one wasn't helped with the SCD diet, which was one of the treatments we were discussing. In the 9 months since my original diagnosis it umm, grew. I had noticed when using the bathroom that it had gotten bigger, and told my doc, so along with diarrhea we decided to start prednisone. That helped but in a recent appointment we looked at them again and man, they grew! I have like five that are the size of my original. My doc was mentioning something about perrianal crohns but I don't know what that is. Also she said that remicade might treat them better, might treat perrianal crohns better.

What is perrianal crohns?

Also i am kinda scared/ freaked. I have been having active crohns for a year, and I 'grew' so many skin tags. Will this continue to happen and how can I stop it?
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Hello, welcome to the forum!
Sorry you are dealing with this so young.
Perianal crohn's is basically just that your crohn's is in the perianal region of your digestive system. Perianal literally means, around the anus.

I'm affraid I don't have much experience with skin tags and wasn't really aware of them growing. Hopefully others on here will be able to help you more specifically.

I did have a perianal skin tag, I think they might have removed it when I had surgery for another reason.

Have you had any other medications since you have been diagnosed?
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yes, i am on 12.5mg 4 days a week of 6mp, allopurinol, pentasa, and currently am and was on prednisone and omeprazole most of the time since diagnosis
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It sucks that you have this.
I have suffered from perrianal Crohns, which LittleMissValentine has explained well
I have had anal skin tags too! They flared up/grew/multiplied when having an active flare up. However, they once the Crohns began to get under control, with steroids, they began to shrink in size.
I know you can have surgery to have them removed if you are very worried/bothered by them.
If you have any more questions, please ask! But dont worry, you are not alone!
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Hi fishy

Can I ask whether you have anal fissures as well as anal skin tags? Usually, skin tags grow to the side of fissures, like a little bump or flap of skin to protect the fissure, kind've like a hill at the side of a valley! I guess they could grow on their own too, but in themselves skin tags aren't dangerous or painful, and I'd be reluctant to have them surgically removed if you have perianal crohn's as it's possible further damage to the area could lead to problems like fissures, fistulas or abscesses.

I think it's true that diet plays little part in helping heal perianal crohn's, but Infliximab can do wonders (it did for me). You can't do anything to stop growing skin tags, but my main concern is whether you have any fissures, fistulas or abscesses too, because these will probably be helped best with a TNF drug like Infliximab. I've been told by my consultant that steroids are of little use in treating perianal crohn's so be wary if your doctors suggest these, unless you have intestinal crohn's too, in which case prednisone is common.

Let us know how it goes, feel free to ask any more questions if you need to

Hannah x

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well it started with just skin tags, but now i think there is a little fissure.
I do have intestinal crohns too, so we treated with prednizone.
I know i can still talk to doc but if i were to switch to another treatment, it would be remicade.

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