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Kathy M
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I am a nebbie to forum

My son Jason who was diagnosis with Crohns August 2011. Jason is now 34 years old, my son is mentally disable and is non-verbal. In the past 20 months Jason has had his large intestine removed and is using an ostomy bag, has been admitted several times for blockages.
Jason developed hernias which came out through his stoma. The first repair a single mesh was put in to strengthen the site, but it lasted a few months and then Jason developed another hernia. Went into hospital Feb. of this year to repair hernia using another layer of mesh to tighten the site, while in the hospital recovering from the last repair Jason developed 3 other blockages.
Jason had too have another surgery an had over 2 feet of his jejunum closest to the stomach removed, and two small repairs near the lower part of his small intestine. Jason has lost a lot of his appetite.
Because of the condition of Jason digestive system the Dr. feels that it is not safe for Jason to have anymore surgeries.
When Jason was first diagnosis, I learned all that I could about this disease, and decided that it would be best for Jason to puréed his food so that Jason's digestive system could absorb all the nutrients. We are now waiting to go back to Jason's nutritionist, so Jason has a better chance to absorb all the nutrients he can since Jason has cut back on what he wants to eat and drink.
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Hi Kathy and welcome!

Your poor boy! If he is non verbal he must have suffered so much without being able to tell you. I work with a lot of non verbal autistic young adults and often wonder how they'd manage if they were going through what my daughter is going through and how they would be able to communicate their pain etc!!!

It sounds like you've both been through so much, but you are doing a fabulous job!

Is he happy with the pureed diet? What were his symptoms and does he need to supplement with Ensure or equivalent?

There are so many really lovely people on here with lots of advice and support. Sending you both huge (((HUGS)))

Keep us updated xx
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Crohn's Mom
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Hi Kathy and welcome!

I'm so sorry for all you and Jason have been through. It's great that you have tried to educate yourself on his disease. I can't imagine how hard it must be on you and him, since he is non verbal.

Has he tried Enteral Nutrition via NG tube ?
There is a wealth of information on this site about it,and it has helped so many to achieve remission.

Here is a link to our sub forum, so please have a look.


Best of luck and please feel free to ask as many questions as you like, or just vent away! We have a great group of caring people here!
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my little penguin
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Sorry to hear about your son.
I would second the EEN or even EN with something already broken down ( peptide or peptamen)
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Welcome to the forum, Kathy. You must be exhausted from this ugly beast of IBD and how it has been attacking your son! I'm so sorry you and he have been having to go through all this. I hope we can help support you - you are welcome here.
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Glad you're here. Hate to read all the trauma Jason as been through!!!!



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Hi Kathy M and

I am so very sorry to hear of all your son has been through and continues to go through. He surely has been through the wringer.

I agree with what has been suggested regarding EEN/EN as a way of calming his bowel and providing nutrition. Has Jason ever had Enteral Nutrition in the past?

Is he on medication?

You might also like to visit the stoma subforum, there are loads of friendly and knowledgeable people hanging out there:

Good luck and welcome aboard!

Dusty. xxx
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Welcome to the forum. I just wanted to send you hugs and support. You and your son have been through so much. I am so sorry. I agree with the EN. It would provide some nutrients that may be left out in the pureed food. What a great idea to puree the food!

Hang in there!
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Hi Kathy and welcome! You guys have had a terrible time of it!! I don't know how to ask this w/o sounding insensitive but is Jason ok with his stoma and trying new things? Can he maintain his stoma bag etc. by himself? I hope you get his nutrition needs sorted!
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