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To those who have been SCD/Paleo for a while- how much do you worry about contamination? Particularly when eating out.

I'm def not over the top about it, and curious how everyone else is. Tonight at a restaurant i ordered a grilled chicken caesar salad, with no dressing. I forgot to tell them to skip the croutons, and they forgot to add the chicken. So i sent it back asking for +chicken and -croutons. They brought me another one- with croutons. I didn't feel like sending it back AGAIN so I ended up just picking the croutons off. I'm sure i got some contamination. I certainly feel fine, as SCD seems to have put me into complete remission.

I'm sure those with kids are much more careful.... As i would be also...so i guess I'm curious about adults that have had success with it.
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Well I was SCD for a while, and on the odd occasions that I ate out, I'd dip into the potato chips, which is definitely not SCD, I never had any ill effects, just guilt haha, I think it depends on frequency, if you got contamination everyday maybe it'd have a negative effect on you, but slight contamination every once in a little while would probably go unnoticed? Guess it depends on what the source of the food is.
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That depends on how sensitive you are to cross contamination. I eat mostly paleo, but 100% gluten free. Eating even the littlest bit of gluten will set me off within hours. Mood swings, joint pain, diarrhea, dizziness etc. So for me, I'm incrediblly careful. There is no picking anything off or not knowing what is in something I eat.

It seems to be a very very individual thing though. Some people will have no issues at all, and others will react. I would think if you can pick the croutons off your salad and not notice any issues, its probably ok. And I agree with the poster above - doing it every single day would have a different effect then if it just happens once in awhile.
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I agree with the poster above, it really depends on how you react to a certain food. For us, we haven't worried so much about cross contamination but we don't eat out much either. I have a friend who is gluten intolerant and even the tiniest amount sends him to the bathroom for an extended period of time. So, you just learn how sensitive you are and work off of that.
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