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"SCD Lifestyle" Meal Plan

I tried to look through all 4 pages of previous post so I hope I am not repeating this here.

I started to experiment with some SCD concepts over the last few days and I am interested in going 100% for a while to see what happens.

But I am not a culinary tactician and need as much help as I can get.

This website "SCD Lifestyle" is offering 12 weeks of meal plans for around $90. Better than dietician/nutritionist money if it provides results.


Anyone have experience with this? plan seems legitimately SCD so I'm not to concerned with that. I'm more concerned with value/usability issues.

I would also really be able to take this thing with me on my tablet. If anyone has this and can speak the the portability of the documents to tablets, I would appreciate it. I was hoping for an ebook but, I suppose PDF would most likely be fine as well.

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Another question,

Can I get a yoghurt maker at a big-box store?
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I don't have any experience with it, but if it helps you to succeed, it's definitely worth it.

I have had success with using recipes from btvc, and also the internet. It's allowed me to have things that sound particularly good to me.

As far as the yogurt maker, couldnt tell ya, but I have been thinking about buying one also. I will most likely order one off amazon.

Good luck!
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I get quite a bit of information from SCD Lifestyle. I think if the setup meals makes it easier for you and saves time you should go for it. Anything to simplify life is a good thing.

I think Bed Bath & Beyond sales yogurt makers. Personally, I just use a crockpot. Found a youtube video on making yogurt in a crockpot and just adapted to making it SCD legal.

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