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Packing time - your experiences

Hi everyone,

I just had surgery for an anal abscess on Saturday, and got out of the hospital yesterday. The swollen area was quite big by the time they operated - on my first trip to emergency they sent me home with antibiotics and it continued swelling after that. I have not been diagnosed with crohns or colitis but I do have a fistula on the other side of my bum that started as a abscess too, although that burst on its own with very little pain or complications.

Right now I have a nurse coming everyday to do the packing, which I'm sure that many here can appreciate is very painful! Generally the pain is very little when I'm sitting on my side or walking but the packing can be excruciating.

I was wondering how long packing had taken for other people here. Apparently my wound is healing well so far, with far less swelling and somewhat less packing required then two days ago. However, I've heard such different things about how much time is required. Also, does the pain get any lesser?

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.
I had an abscess drained last year. It was a small one I think, 10ml as far as I can remember.
I think it was packed by a nurse at home for two weeks, then I went back to university where I was doing it myself and seeing a nurse for twice a week. This was possibly like this for another four weeks. Then they told me I had over granulation where I had been packing too much!
It is definitely not a nice experience I feel for you. Just keep it as clean as possible and you will do ok
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