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Non stop hunger..

does it ever end? starting at 8am, till 8pm non stop feedings every two hours. my daughter has always been very very slim/skinny but at this rate shes going to turn into a house! ;-)

shes on pantasa, so its not the meds making her hungry I think..
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Sounds like a problem I wish my daughter would get... She still has not appetite
J's story: http://apathnotchosen.blogspot.com
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My healthy child (14) has sufferred from non stop hunger for the last four years. What he eats is simply staggering, but I think that's just part of being a healthy teen. I make sure that what I'm feeding him is healthy and he gets plenty of exercise. He he has no issues at all his weight (very healthy body shape and BMI.)

As long as your daughters diet is healthy, her digestive system is coping with the food intake and her BMI is with in normal range for her age, I don't see constant hunger as a problem.

Like Carolin I'd love to see my younger one have this issue.
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I was like that on pred, now I've got no appetite
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My daughter eats all the time too .
Its school holidays here...today she woke up at 11am had breakfast at 11.30 ...then at 12 she said its lunch time now....and she ate again.
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A has an outstanding appetite too. Always has. When people see her eat I know they are probably thinking...."Look at that scrawny child scarf that food down. I bet her parents don't feed her the way they should." I have a feeling food goes straight through her, lol.
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Wow Fox, I just read your intro post! I can see how her appetite could cause you some issues. What have you settled on to feed her ferocious appetite?? Have you tried any nutritional supplement drinks ie. Boost, Ensure etc.?
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Was she underweight before? How old is she? I agree with the others in wishing my son's appetite would kick in, but flip side; a meal every 2 hours would get to be a nuisance tho! I agree with Mark, have you tried nutritional drinks?
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she is 7 and no, sugars don't work well with her right now.. she seems to be very senstive to them, and we don't do dairy.. so that leaves us with out many choices.
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yes always underweight, she just hit 50pounds for the first time a week ago!
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A is 8 and thanks to Periactin has gained a few pounds. She was at a 3 lb. weight gain but lost a lb. over the weekend and is back down to 46 lbs. She swears she's going to ride in her booster seat to graduation! lol
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Our GI told us LOTS of small meals all day long - and my son has taken that advice to heart! He starts when he wakes up and an hour doesn't go by that I don't see him standing in front of the icebox looking for something else to eat! He doesn't do regular dairy as he is low sugar also, so we go with the lactose free and he eats lots of pasta...

I'd say if she can tolerate it - it is okay - she is probably thrilled to be eating and not feeling sick about it!

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Devynn has always eaten non stop all day long. She's so tiny, that I don't think people really believe me! lol But the last few mos her appetite has slowed right down.
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As she is underweight perhaps her body just 'needs' it?? may sound silly but a bit of extra weight behind her wouldnt hurt? i have been told many times that several small meals better than 3 big ones also food should be filling i.e. protein (turkey chicken eggs) or slow release carbs. obvs dependant on what does / doesn't agree with her. good luck x
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