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Vaccinations Before Starting Aza?

So, after my latest MRI results, I am due to start on Azathioprine as soon as possible.

I've been advised by my IBD nurse that she would like me to get vaccinations for Hepatitis B & also Pneumnovax before starting and recommends that if I think I might need any other vaccinations in the future (ie. for travel) to get the now.

I love to travel to lots of different places & Im keen to ensure that being on this medication wont rule me out of travelling certain places.

I have a appointment to discuss this with my GP this week but my mind is boggled with it all.

There are loads of different vaccinations out there that I think I might need in the future but I dont know which are live and which arent. Can I assume that if they are NOT live then I will be able to get them while on Aza? If not, and I choose to get any required ones just now - is it safe to get them all at the one time? How long will I have to wait after the vaccinations to start on the Aza?

Has anyone going on Aza faced this issue? Which vaccines did you opt to get if so? (Im particularly looking at Tetanus/Polio boosters, Typhoid, Hep A, Yellow Fever)

Also, having been advised to get Hep B (regardless of travel) - I understand this is given in 3 doses over a 6 month period - surely I wont have to wait til Ive had all doses before starting the Aza?
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Probably best to talk with your GI, I don't have any experience with the Typhoid, Hep A, Yellow Fever shots. I've had the Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccine a couple of years ago before my little guy was born and get the flu shot each year with no issues aside from a slightly sore arm.

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Thanks! I just saw this response. I discussed with the nurse who administers vaccinations as well as managing the blood tests for Aza and she advised that most travel vaccines I should still be able to get while on Aza (except Yellow Fever) - as the others I was looking at arent live (for anyone reading, there is a live and non-live version of Typhoid so always make sure you're getting the correct one while on Aza)
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Hi there,

I had a similar conversation with my IBD nurse today about vaccination in preparation of, and when to start Imuran, she said I'm good to go after first dose and as I've had 2 so far it's okay to start.

I've had:

'Flu jab -yearly
Pneumo -5 yearly
Hep B
Quantiferon test

Never thought about the one for shingles but I will be asking that one later.

Sorry but I have no idea about vaccinations required for going away Hope you get the answers you need, good luck.
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I would think about having the shinges one. My 17 daughter caught shingles while on pred and aza.
Her case was only mild but still has 7 dry shingles more than 6 weeks later.
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I had MMR as a child so was advised that I should therefore be fully vaccinated?! Does anyone know if Tetanus is live?
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Tetanus is not live.
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