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Hi guys, sorry I haven't been on as much. We were away in Spain for a week, then seem to have had so much to do, this is the first time I have spent more than a few minutes on the computer.
We had a nice holiday - it was good to get some sunshine!!
Slight hiccup with the sunshine and Andrew though. I went prepared to be extra careful with him because of the 6mp - always over a factor 30 (it is only spring, so not as hot) and I re-applied his sunscreen more than the rest of us (poor boy has no tan). However he still came out in the most horrendous rash on his hands - with a little on his feet and up his shins. I ended up having to take him to the pharmacy and get an anti-histamine cream.
Was I wrong in thinking I just had to be careful with sunscreen - does the 6mp cause almost an "allergy" to the sun? The sunscreen was hypoallergenic and is one I have used for about 4 years.
I am concerned about our summer cruise now as we are going to somewhere hot again. Kinda wishing we had chosen the Iceland cruise instead
Other than that and alot of tiredness, Andrew is doing alright so far on the 6mp - we will have a FC done in about a month to see what's happening inside!
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Sarah got burn on the back of her hands because that's where we didn't think to use sunscreen.

My youngest daughter comes up in a red rash from the hypoallergenic sunscreen. We have move to zinc based sunscreen for whole family due to this reaction.
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I won't get this exactly right but there is a sunscreen ingredient called PABA that some people can't tolerate. Did yours have that? In my family, I'm the one that gets bumps from that. So we try to stay PABA free.

Oh here. found it. http://www.dermnetnz.org/dermatitis/paba-allergy.html

And despite all that, some people do just break out from the sun. I hope he isn't one of those. He deserves some fun!!! We all do.


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Sorry he had that reaction! I have read that some of these meds do make your skin more sensitive. Not completely sure re 6mp.

Did you use the aerosol spray lotions (not just the pump)? I used the aerosol spray on one trip and got a terrible rash. Couldn't figure out what it was and it was only in certain areas but then I realized that, in some areas, the rashes were almost in the shape of a blast of spray, sort of like this... < No one else got the rash, only me.

Very disappointing as I'd thought the spray would be so much more convenient!
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I'm so glad you had a good time.
My hubby and I get a kick out of this forum when y'all talk where you vacations at.
I just laughed and said Spain.....well I read about that place in a book once.
It's just best to leave farm folks on their farms.
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Thanks everyone. Spoke to the IBD nurse, she said I can go to the GP and get a special sunscreen on prescription, so will be trying that. His rash is a little worse again today, but I had thought it was going away so had stopped the cream - silly me!
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(Not Crohn's related)... Ahhh.. Spain! My Aunties & cousins go to Spain on holiday all the time. My Mum and stepDad are in Edinburgh right now - wish I could be with them!!

Glad you had a good time (aside the rash) - I have 3 sons, two of them are fair haired red heads (non Crohn's) - and they both get rashes from the sun - thank you for the PABA info - I'll look into that!

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Priesthood Blessings
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Wash the rash itchy?
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I agree Farmwife! lol Our big vacation this year is to Daytona Beach (for dance Nationals). Somehow that just doesn't compare to Spain!! lol
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ChampsMom - Edinburgh is only 20 mins away from me!! Hope they are having a good time - the weather has been absolutely awful recently.
Have to say the area of Spain we went to (chosen by my mother-in-law) was "interesting" - a hotspot for hen and stag nights, so lots of very drunk, very rude men and women staggering around. My kids certainly had their vocabulary increased that holiday!!!
Mehita - the rash wasn't itchy thankfully, just looked bad!
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So fab to hear you had a lovely holiday! OLE...

Sorry to hear about Andrew's rash though. For some people the sun sensitivity that 6mp produces can cause a rash. Good luck with the prescription sun screen, I hope it does the trick and the rash is a thing of the past!

Dusty. xxx
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Good to have the heads up about rash possibilities. I have seen sensitivities caused by sunscreens too . I am glad we live in Alaska where we don't get too much direct sun. I'm not sure if I have to worry about her going to Washington for Camp Oasis though... I haven't thought of that...
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