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Humira and new moles

I noticed I am getting moles all over my body! Should I get them checked out or should I ignore it?
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Always get new moles checked out, it could be nothing and probably is nothing, but it is always worth getting looked at.
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Well, with humira and anti-TNF in general it is always wise to be more cautious. Prior to the use of these medications, my dermatologist would tell me there was no need to worry about new moles before the age of 30 unless they were painful, itching, 2 colors, bleeding or highly asymmetrical. But yeah, it can't be a bad idea to have someone look at them also for peace of mind!
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Thanks so much I will talk to my doctor about it and see what they say!!
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moles can be a sign of yeast candida problems.
I also readed that humira can create extra yeast in bowels.
possible u have too much yeast.

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