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Has anyone tried a Processed Free Diet?

Has anyone on here ever tried a processed-free diet?
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When I was on the paleo diet it was mostly processed free. I am a strong believer in whatever diet one follows that the more we can stay away from foods in packages that humans intervene with too much, the better. Fresh, local and organic real food is always best in my opinion.
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i tried it for a very long time, and it did me no good at all. I know plenty of people who live healthily on processed foods, and my own symptoms are much better when I'm eating them than when I excluded them, so I'm not sure whether a diet free from processed foods necessarily makes for better health. It makes it far easier to join in with family meals and eating out with friends, on special occasions, etc. when you're on a less restrictive diet too.
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Many write about their experience with some of the popular process free food diets, SCD, GAPS, Paleo, etc at:

Some experience good success with the diets.

And for some the diets are not all that helpful, sadly.
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Yeah its called JERF

Just Eat Real Food.
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Yeah its called JERF

Just Eat Real Food.
I totally agree, but many interpret JERF differently,
a few examples - a freind who will only eat sourdough bread and not squishy white.
-crazy vegetarians who think lentils are food
-myself who thinks if it's not paleo it should be researched and questioned before consumption.

Leaving out processed food is a big part of a good diet, but there are so many things that may or may not be causing issues.

My thoughts would be that you are better of being very strict on paleo or SCD until you see an improvement and then see what happens if you eat something 'illegal'. (and then decide if that chocolate (or whatever) is really worth it.)
Some form of elimination diet is the only way to identify problem foods, so why not do it all at once?
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My husband and I cook practically everything from scratch, as organic, grass fed, and preferably from our own garden as possible.

But when he got out of the hospital, he had to give his system a rest by going on a very bland, low residue, low fiber diet. So for a while he ate nothing but white bread, white rice, bananas etc.

His energy levels went way down, and he found even the smallest task difficult. He's back now on primarily a paleo diet and doing much better.

I can "cheat" on occasion, but if I eat too much junk food, my allergies start to flare, so that keeps my diet in check.
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I cook all my foods from scratch as I love cooking, tastes much better and know what goes in it. I still eat processed foods such as cheese, bacon, sausages and crisps, but its not my main food sources.

I think the biggest thing was cutting out bread. I will make 2-3 loaves a year but wont eat any shop bought bread, and on special occasions I will have nan with a curry. I do feel much better for it
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I eat a mostly un-processsed diet, with a few exceptions. Like soy sauce, and gummy bears lol.

But I have A LOT of trigger foods, (rice, oats, corn, dairy, gluten, nuts) and its very hard to buy a processed food that does not include at least one of those ingredients. Add that to having 3 kids with food intolerances/triggers/allergies and we cook almost everything from scratch around here. It makes a huge difference in our family for both health and attitude.

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