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Great news from both Miss and Rob!

Rob, if I remember correctly, you had some yo-yo effect early on, didn't you?

Is that gone for the most part now?

I am trying to get some kind of vague time frame that this occurs in, for future users.

Thank you.

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I wouldn't say yo-yo effect early on...I had my doubts about it's effect but found that changes came very slow and suttle from week to week. I did have the "leg pain" side effect for 1 day and nothing since. I'm actually sleeping better and the biggest test of all which I've have past time and time again is stress. I'm in sales and normally when things got really busy at work a flare would kick in.

Miss, I'm curious about your diet and what you eat? I've been on SCD for a year and I'm thinking of slowly introducing some carbs into my diet.

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Hi RobK,

I tried sticking to SCD before starting LDN when I was on remicade. It was so strict and I was still on a lot of prednisone at the time so I found it very hard to stick with. I still have a lot of predweight to get rid of but that will come off at some point. Anyway, I just eat whatever. I kept track of everything I ate for months and found it really didn't make a difference. My problem seemed to be mostly hormonal with my cycle.

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Asacol made me worse, severe reactions to Remicade
Currently taking LDN since 10/08, doing very well
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Lovetotravel, I too got worse on LDN when I first started it. At week 6 and 7 after starting I was much worse. At week 8 it was like a switch was thrown and I was much improved. I have been doing very good ever since (started the LDN in June). I was on 10mg of prednisone when I started. Doctor has been tapering me off since and I now am on 2.5mg. Don't give up it may take time to start working. Hope you are feeling better.


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