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My story

I was told by a doctor in the Netherlands that i have colitis in 2003 after a colonoscopy test, i was taking pentasa and entocort for a little while till I come back to my country Ethiopia, i have been there in Holland for a study. After coming back to home may be when i change the type of food for a longer period i was in a remission. However, latter on around 2009 i had a sever pain in my abdomen lower side and finally I undergo surgery august 2010, in which they removed 35 cm from small intestine and 65 cm from large intestine and told me it is crohns. since then I have difficulty in eating spicy and fatty foods, milk and specially tomato.

unless i eat something that bothers my system i am ok. Here the diagnosis is not good and i don't think medications are also available. Here I totally depend on what I have to eat and besides I trust God to heal my crohn.
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Hello and welcome biruk,
You will find lots of info on diet from many on the site. If you can control the inflammation and pain with diet-good on you. Whatever you are doing (eating) is working so keep it up! Here is to many more years of remission.
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Hello Biruk & Welcome to the Forum:

My daughter has Crohns and after taking medications for five years, she decided to control her symptoms with vitamins and supplements. Since you have difficulty getting medications, maybe you can try taking some of these as they all help my daughter:

- Vitamin D3
- Calcium
- Folic Acid
- Aloe Vera Liquid
- L-Glutamine
- Probiotics
- S. Boulardii

If some of these supplements are not available near your home, you can order them on the internet. I hope you find some of these or other natural supplement which will help you. God bless.

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probiotics would be a great addition to your regime, if you can get some. Get a good probiotic and it can certainly help....research it and see if you think it can help you. Good luck!

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