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Unsure if iEntocort is working yet?

Hi , I am currently diagnosed with Crohn's, I have been on Entocort since Feb 2013 9mg daily (on my 3rd month supply now) and I am still having diarrhea , I also take questran/immodium to help with the diarrhea. My question is , is this normal or is Entocort now working for those who uses it. And what other meds after Entorcort ?

Thanks Kathy
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Hiya Kathy
and welcome

I've used Entocort many times and it's always worked for me, this is because my Crohn's is in the terminal ileum. Entocort only works in the small bowel and the beginning of the large, unlike Prednisolone which is the whole system.
Do you know where your Crohn's is located?
Try to reduce the immodium, not a good idea long term, our guts need the natural peristalsis.
Try the low residue diet instead. This will reduce the diarrhea and give the bowels a rest.
Once your inflammation has been reduced, a maintenance med such as Azathioprine or 6MP could be added to the mix. Chat with your GI about other options.
Good luck xxx


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Hello, Thank you for the reply , my Dr. said My Crohn's is in the terminal ileum (I have an ulcer) I also have mild colitis on the left side of the colon. I will see my Dr. In May and talk with him about my situation .

Thanks Kathy
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Hey Kathy,

The first thing I would suggest to just do a lot of reading on practically all things Crohn's related since you were only diagnosed recently. You can start on this forum, use links people post etc.

Corticosteroids such as entocort are normally used to control inflammation short term and if so normally in higher dosages and then tappered of to 0 within a few weeks or a couple of months if possible. In the old days, GI would prescribe them long term at lower dosages, but first that's not an effective way to treat Crohn's (you are fighting symptoms, not the problem) and secondly long term use of steroids can have quite serious side effects.

Normally today GIs put you on so called immunosuppressive drugs such as azathioprine or 6mp. They lower your immune system and can be used long term for most patients, but need to be monitored (regular blood tests) in order to avoid problems with the liver that can occur in rare cases.

Next to immunosuppresive, biologic drugs are used such as remicade. Some GIs these days advocate to use them for practically all patients to get them into remission, others want to try them only if immunosuppressives don't work.

Then there is 5-Aza which has been the standard therapy until the 90s but it only helps in certain cases of Crohn's (it is more effective in UC).

Having said all that, I don't want to bombard you with lots of information, the thing that I a, trying to say is that you should find a good GI that has specialized on Crohn's and can talk to you about long term management of Crohn's. Also look up posts and information on what people with Crohn's who have inflammation normally eat and what the no-nos are (the more neutral the better for the most part). Other things to think about would be vitamin therapy and things like regular sport (once your Crohn is under control to keep you healthy and in remission).

If you got more specific questions, just fire away!
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