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Do I have Crohn's Diease??

I'm confused by what has been happening to me. Last year, a regular day at work, I start getting realllyyyy serious stomach cramping. The best thing I can compare it to is contractions. I start getting chills and a slight nauseous feeling followed by diarrhea. It was very strange Bcuz I was fine an hr before. The feeling lasted about two weeks straight. It left me feeling weak and I was scared to eat.

I went to the emergency room just for them the hook me up to iv bags and said its gastritis. I visited my doctor and he did blood and urine test which came back fine. Did a CT scan which showed I have an ovarian cyst and a kidney stone. But within two months and no prescription.... I was fine again.

Now this year.... same story. Went to work and everything came back but probably stronger. The constant diarrhea was getting worse and the pain was extremely bad. I couldnt even drink water without having to run to the bathroom. I was taken to do another CT scan which showed nothing. No Csyt or stone was found. Now the doctor is saying I probably have Crohn's disease. I'm scheduled to do a colonoscopy and I'm scareddddd.

Any advice or suggestions?.. Idk what's going on with me or what to expect. Maybe I'm just allergic to work lol.

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Hi -
It is good you are having a colonoscopy done. How long has your symptoms lasted this time so far? Last year did your symptom gradually get better over the 2 months, or was it bad most of the time then suddenly gone?
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Hi, SimplyLuved! Welcome to the forum!

How are you feeling now? Have you had your colonoscopy done, or is it still coming up? Has your doctor mentioned Crohn's as a possibility?

Your description of your pain does sound similar to what I experience with Crohn's, but it is somewhat strange to have those symptoms for two weeks and then they disappear. That's certainly still something IBD could do, though.

Are you nervous about the colonoscopy, or about being told you're sick and what comes along with that?


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