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Opinons on 6mp?

Diagnosed with Crohns approx 10 years ago. After a right hemi-colectomy and minimal meds following surgery ( reaction to azathioprine..) I have been prescribed 6MP by my Gastro after a long stretch without immuno meds. My Crohns is considered moderate though I do have days that are difficult.

Anyway, I am looking for opinions from anyone who has taken 6MP. My Gastro says that if i can get through the first 2 weeks I should suffer little side effects....?? If I react in the first 10-14 days then he will prescribe something else.

Love to hear opinions from others on 6MP ...as Im getting a little concerned having read some opinions on various websites....

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I have been on 6 mp for a few years and have had no problems. I have heard that some people who have had problems with azathioprine are able to tolerate 6mp and I hope you are one of them. Remember that it generally takes about 3 to 6 months before you will notice the full effect. I actually had to be on Entocort until the 6mp "kicked in".
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I have taken 6mp and did not have any side effects but it didn't really help my condition and I would get lots of upper respiratory infections.
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I just started 6MP in February. I am currently tapering off of pred. So far no side effects outside of the typical prednisone annoyances.

Good luck I hope it works out for you!
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So far no side effects for my daughter (we're at about a month on it)
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