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Timing of Vitamins & Supplements

What is the best time of day to take the additional vitamins and supplements? (multi, D, B12, B Conplex, probiotic...). I have been taking my IBD and Synthrois first thing in morning. Ok to take them all together?
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Generally take a probiotic on empty stomach, multi with food, D with high fat meal. For the B vitamins I don't think it matters that much, others may know more. I would avoid taking the B's at night as they usually make me get up to pee. Or your pill bottles might have clearer instructions.
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I've read that it is best to take vitamin D3 in the morning. It can cause sleep issues for some when taken in the evening.
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I just read the bottles for empty or with food, I always take my vitamin and mineral pills early. If I take them late it seems to keep me up. I have asked both my GI and Primary about timing and neither of them thinks it matters. I have read some studies here and there over the years and the information seems to be very conflicting. If you are taking individual vitamins or minerals you may want to look at what affects it's absorbtion. Like Vitamin D does with with Zinc and Magnesium I think. Just look around all the information it out there. Iron is good with Vitamin C and so forth.
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Certain vitamins can result in nausea if taken on an empty stomach, such as vitamin C. B vitamins can also keep some from sleep if taken at night.
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Well if your buying the synthetic forms yeah you should eat it with a meal. Take it in the morning get it over with so you don't forget later. If your taking a multivitamin and a bcomplex I would take the b complex after lunch to give you a boost to finish your work/school load.
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Taking an iron supplement with a vitamin c or glass of OJ helps absorption. D-3 definitely with some fatty foods - D-3 is fat soluble, so I've heard.
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I take a calcium + vit D combo should eat for both calcium and vit d so I take it in the morning before breakfast. I also take fish oil and doesn't really matter to me but I like to eat to help mask any fish taste that makes its way back up my throat.

B12 doesn't matter. The pill converts carbs to energy though so you may want to time it based on that knowledge. Everyone is different.
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Look for "methyl" or methylated" on vitamins, esp. B-12 as it is absorbed better and works better as well. So my Dr. says...

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