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Can you eat beans?

So I love my mums home cooked chilli com carny. Iv had it but had to pick the kidney beans out.
I live kidney beans so much and was just wondering is it a no go eating them or just a try and see if I'm ok with them?

Also I miss baked beans so much. Is that another one that's a no go or just try and see?

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I reckon that as we are all so different when it comes to food, you really need to try it out yourself and see how it goes. Try and eat foods that you know dont cause any problems for a bit then introduce the beans and see if theres any difference. I'd try one different item at a time for a few days, then give it a rest before trying something else, just to make sure you get a good understanding of what, if any, cause you problems. Btw I eat both of them with no problems
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On SCD some beans are acceptable, if you've been on the diet for some time and prepare them correctly, so eventually I will attempt to feed beans to my son. Garbanzos are not legal, so I was happy to find a hummus recipe that calls for lentils!
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Well, I can eat them... but I know I shouldn't...
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I love beans I haven't had them in years but I wonder if strained them into a bean puree without the peel if it would be OK.

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