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Flatulance from not digesting food??

I have Crohn's. My dr. told me, after I told him about my excessive flatulence of last 3 months, that "you're just not digesting your food". Ok, why? anyone know what is going on and what I can do. this dr. is not getting back to me with any answers and I'm frustrated, to say the least. I take VSL-3, a prescription strength probiotic almost daily. don't drink milk, etc.
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A lot of carbohydrates and sugar can do this too.
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Can you try a digestive enzyme? This may help you to break down the food a little easier.
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Generally flatulence is caused by certain bacteria as they break down carbohydrates,

Another reason to go paleo?
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lss -- what an unhelpful comment from your doctor!

For me, GasX and beano have been very helpful. And probiotics can help make it less stinky. [notice I said "can help" -- my farts are still pretty stinky]

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