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Vitamin C and Immunesupressents?

Can anyone advise me on whether or not I should continue taking Vitamin C Effervescent 1000mg-2000mg a day now that I have started today on Azathpioprine? Surely it is conflicting in the sense that one is taken to strengthen the immune system while the other is taken to suppress it.
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Prednisolone 30mg a day (6x 5mg)
Pentasa/Mesalazine 2 x 500mg 4 x a day
Azathpioprine 2 x 50mg a day(stopped after bad reaction)
Alendronic Acid 1 x weekly
Calceos 2 x a day
Diagnosed Gastronitis 2004
Lansaprazole 15mg a day
Diagnosed Aneamic 2011
B12 Injection every 3 months
Iron Tablets 3 x a day
Vitamin C Disolvable Effervessent 1000-2000mg a day
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Ertapenam IV Antibiotic
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Cozmo, I have just started taking vit c as on your list this week as I am keep getting really slow healing sores round & in my nose that I can't stand and I know I am not able to eat enough fruit & veg to get my vit c. I am also on AZA for 2 and a half years so am keen to see if anyone knows if this is the right move. need to ask the nurse next time I am in ..
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Resection 2010
Tried : Pentasa,Prednisolone,Cipro Flaxyl
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Vitamin C doesn't actually influence the white blood cell count. However, vit c deficiency, just as many other deficiencies, could weaken your immune reaction.

I am taking magnesium, zinc, pottassium, b6, b12, D and iron (with vit C) and all of this works just fine with aza. As a matter of fact getting rid of deficiencies is key to stay in remission... As least as I see it. Despite all those supplements my white blood cell count has been between 4300 and 5200 per mcL for the las year or so in all tests (this is where it should be with aza, at the lower end of the normal range which is 4 to 11,000 per mcL).
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Iron therapy with Tardyferron 80mgx2 and Loesferron 80mg for years
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