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Humira - Advice please

Hi All,

Just a bit worried and wondering if anyone has any advice?

I am in the middle of quite a bad flare, doc has tried pred again but bloods still showing flare still getting worse.

I have already exhausted all other options - Aza gave me toxic liver and cant have that again. Infliximab worked really well twice but then had bad reaction on my third infusion so they dont want to try that again.

Doctor says surgery isnt really an option as would be to big an operation.

So I am going to the hospital on Thursday for the Humira injection.
I am really worried though as they are going to do the first one in hospital , then they say they will teach me how to do it and I will do it at home - but I am worried that I will have that awful reaction again like I did with the infliximab (Am I right that its sort of the same drug?) and if I am at home what will I do? Luckily I was in the hospital when it happened with the infliximab and they gave me something to bring me round.

I know I will probably be ok the first few times as on 30mg of pred and that should stop any reaction but when I taper of the pred I could get the reaction (this is what happened with the infliximab) and by this time I will be having the injections at home!

Has anyone been in a similar situation, where infliximab caused a reaction but Humira was ok?

Also is Humira injection really painful as some people say??

Preston, UK
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You shouldn't have the same kind of reaction to Humira as you did with Remicade. While you are right that the are the same class of drug (TNF-a inhibitors) they are fairly different proteins. Remicade is chimeric so it is part mouse and part humanized whereas Humira is humanized so your body cannot recognize it as foreign, thus causing an allergic reaction. Having this kind of reaction to Humira would be extremely rare, so you don't have to worry about that aspect at least.
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Hi Claire-
I haven't heard of any reactions with Humira, which is probably why they let people do it at home. I was on Humira for 8 months, and it worked VERY well for 4 1/2, then kinda quit working.
The shots are seriously not that bad - yes, they sting, but it's only for 10 seconds. My husband did the injections, and I held my breath.
And it is SO SO worth it, if it helps you to feel better!
I found the website helpful, there is a step by step injection video there for you to watch.
Good luck - I hope it works well for you!
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I had a bad reaction with Remicade, but I did not with the Humira. Humira worked really well for me for a year then suddenly stopped working. So I am now scheduling surgery. Good luck with the Humira, I hope it helps.
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I haven't had any reactions with Humira. There is a video on here that I posted that shows the injection process, it hurts some people and then there is me where it doesn't hurt real bad at all.
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Hiya Claire, I had the reaction to Infliximab too. I was on it for a year and a half.
The docs put me on Humira and it was fine. I was on it for 3 (mostly glorious) years.

Just like Mommy1st, it's effects started to wear off for me so I had surgery.
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I had a terrible reaction the the Humria into about the third
month and stop injecting myself after the fifth.

Now on Remicade for round 2

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After my illeostomy I was put on Remicade worked for 13 years with just small flare ups that Pred. would take care of then it quit working got a fistula next to my stoma. switched me to Humira and avoided another surgery. Humira only worked for a little over a year ended back up in the hospital with surgery again removed more of the small bowel now on Tysabri. The shots arent that bad use the ice pack like the video suggest before the shot.
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Thanks Everyone!

Went for my first injections today, nurse did first one then I did the second.
It only stung while it was in then it was fine.

Hope it works!!!

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Good luck with it Claire.
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How long did it take for your Humira to kick in....I been injecting since Dec 15, 08. Still on not really seeing results.....
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Hi Believer. I've only been on Humira for 5 weeks and have seen no improvements as yet. My GI told me I should have seen some changes by 4 weeks. I'm still hopeful that something will happen! Good luck!
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I was only diagnosed in September but having been having problems with meds. I wasn't on presnisilone for 3 months came off and. Looks showed a few weeks later that my inflamatory markers were already up to 40. They tried me on azathiprine but the cramping was worse and had sickness. They've now put me back on prednisilone 30mg as I had bad side effects previously and after one day I feel anxious and the stomach cramps half intensified.
Does anyone else have this affect on predbisilone?
They've offered me a choice between metcaotorpuine or himura, a gp friend said take the himura so probably will.
I feel so at a loss I know so little about the die
Sense and already fed up with feeeling rubbish, tired and in pain.
Any advise would be really welcome
Thanks x

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