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MRI reaction help

Aboutm10 hours ago I had an MRI with gadolinium contrast . The last few hours my face is turning red, getting a little puffy. And im headachy. Anyone ever had this? Just took a Benadryl , but don't know if I should call the dr. Breathing is fine. If anyone is out there, advice is appreciated . Gadolinium is supposed to have a low rate of reactions.
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"Common reactions to gadolinium dye are skin-related, such as rash, itching, hives, sweating and swelling of the face."

"Doctors and patients should be aware of the signs of an allergic reaction. Any signs the patient has of skin itching, rash, hives or swelling warrant observation and treatment if necessary."

If possible it would be good to inform your doctor even if it goes away. Has the Benadryl helped at all Suby?
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thanks for answering. Benadrylhelped last night but it came back after it wore off. i spoke to one of the doctors at the radiology ffice this morning and he said I could take zyrtec and it would probably not last past today. It was just weird and unexpected because it's rare. Always a nice surprise (not!) Hoping he's right and it goes away compeltely sicne it's the weekend.

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