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After 10 days I've been referred... *game face*

For two weeks I've had sore eyes, and 10 days I've had D... A chat with my doctor about the eyes and the presence of mucus - oh and the family history (Mum, crohns, full colostomy), I've been referred to the hospital and am having blood tests next week...

It's time to stop crying and start living again, whatever the outcome.

I know this is a very quick referral and I hope no one is angry with me, I'm aware how soon this is, but the hospital could still pull out based on the results of my blood tests, here's hoping that this clears up and I get to stop worrying, if not, I'm preparing myself for the worst.
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Glad your getting some tests done. Here's hoping that your symptom will clear up by themselves and it's just those nasty antibiotics causing havoc.
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Thanks Maree, here's bloody well hoping! But I'm glad I've found this place either way
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No one will be angry at you, It's great you are being referred so early and hopefully they can get you feeling better x
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Happy you got the referral. good luck!!
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Best to be referred early! good for you!
Don't let them palm you off even if bloods are normal .. my inflammation markers have never been raised that much but colonoscopy showed a horror show inside lol.
Hope all goes well .. where about in London are you?
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Thanks guys - unfortunately I'm stressing myself out through the roof, I now wake up in the middle of the night shaking and crying convinced that it's going to be a terminal cancer of some sort. My bowels can't make up their mind, and I'm trying to convince myself that if I calm down I'll feel better but I can't seem to calm down.

Docs are of no help, I've got blood test on monday and then I'm still waiting for the referral, my eyes are still swollen and my left arm is agony, my tummy just feels a bit eurgh rather than any real pain. This is so frustrating, I've started being late for work then just spending intermittent parts of my day in tears.

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I'm in the same boat!

Symptoms started 12 days ago - upper abdominal pain.

My situation is different b/c I have an important trip planned and I am fortunate enough to have two immediate family members who are doctors. my brother is a doctor who was in town for the week and my mother who was able to refer me within 1 week.

Day 1: Evening Pain/Burning in Upper Abd. Started
Day 2: Pain on/off
Day 3: Started various meds (Bentyl)
Day 4: Blood Work (Nothing but H Pylori +) - Started Nexium/Carafate
Day 5: Ultrasound (Nothing)
Day 8: GI Consultation - Started Gas-X
Day 9: Endoscopy of Upper GI (Nothing)
Day 12: CT Scan with Contrast + 2nd Round of Blood Work. Started Lactaid.
- CT negative and waiting on Blood work

Day 13: Today - as I type this - still no better unless on strict diet

Day 15: I have appt for HIDA w/ CCK (to rule out gallbladder)

If that is negative - I am looking to do Capsule Endoscopy ASAP. I leave this Thursday, which will be Day 18.

This may all seem rushed - but that is because I am leaving the country in 5 days and will be gone for 2 weeks. I do not wish to cancel my trip bc I have an elaborate proposal planned and my future fiance has been looking forward to this trip. It will be terrible not to enjoy all the delicious food (going to italy) but I am making sacrifice for her and will stick to my strict diet - I'm actually packing nutritional shake powder - enough for the entire trip (3.3 lbs of it!)

I, too, have been getting nervous and researching what this could be. I am leaning towards IBD. My brother (doctor) says its possible but still too early. We are all hoping this will pass. As I do hope for yours as well!

I'm glad I found this forum - I have started a Food Journal of what I can tolerate so far - and hoping I can one day eat Pizza and delicious food again (Praying to be able to on this trip!!!)

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