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Capri Sun Drinks Caution

Popular Drink Contains Fungi

A research project at Indiana State Univ. into a popular packaged drink has found five types of fungus.

Kathleen Dannelly, associate professor microbiology, says a previous study published online found only one fungus in Capri Sun, the popular drink manufactured by Kraft. However, the research in Dannelly’s lab found five different fungi. “As far as I can tell, the fact that they don’t put preservatives in this is really allowing lots of fungi to survive the drink process,” she says.

... "The significance of this is that for the majority of people, other than being grossed out when you open a package and it has a large fungal mat, which is a really nasty looking thing, it will probably not hurt you," Dannelly says. "However, in patients who are immune-compromised and some other underlying diseases, this could create a health concern for them."

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Ew. I used to love Capri Sun, but now I'm quite glad I haven't touched one in a few years!
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