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Prednisone effectiveness lasts only few days ?!

Hey Guys,

I am really confused
I will save you the whole story ... long story short my doc. started me on prednisone which seemd to make a difference after few hours ! First 2 days felling was MUCH better than before; then each days it looks like the effect decays and symptoms are sneaking back at me, even though dosage is the same.

And my confusion is:
Most Crohnies posts tells a story that prednisone takes time until becoming effective, for some it takes hours, for other days, .... but then feeling is well until tapering off.
For me it's king of "opposite" - first it's all good then effectiveness decays ?!

I am still hoping it's just a "local minimum" and that the good feeling will return but I am really trying to understand what's going on...

Your inputs are much appreciated. That's my first question on this forum,but have been reading and following for a while now.
There are really wonderful people here.

So many thanks for reading and helping... I feel so sad and it gives some relief to know that there are people out there who read this and really care for you !

Sorry for the messy thoughts.
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How high is the dose that you are on? Have you used steroids in the past?

Steroids can be most effective the first time you use them but then not be as efficacious in future uses. That is not true for all people but does happen with some. My son did have some improvement after he first started taking pred but not complete improvement and he eventually felt worse before the tapering began. Also the inflammation may be too much for the dose you are on to dampen.

I would give the GI a call and let them know what you are experiencing. I hope you start to feel better soon.
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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Prednisone/Entocort » Prednisone effectiveness lasts only few days ?!
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