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Hi! I am caroline

Hey there! my name is caroline and i am 18 years old! My story isn't that exciting. When i was sixteen i started to lose a ton of weight, and after about six monthes of testing i was diagnosed with Crohn's. My daddy has had severe Crohn's since he was seven and it is just awful to see what the years of steriods and treatments have done to him. But i guess one good thing is this disease deffinately brought us together (wierd huh?)

Anyway i just wanted to leave you guys a message! And say i am so glad to find a community like this online!
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Just wanted to say Hello and Welcome. I have had CD since I was 17 but that was a long time ago. My sister (and nephews, we think) have celiac disease.

Take Care
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Hey Caroline, welcome to the forum! I was diagnosed @ 17, and am now 19. Hope you come back some more so you can share in all the fun with us.
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Mama Crohnie
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Hi Caroline, Welcome. I was 18 also when I came down with Crohns. I empathize with you. So young honey, I really pray that you are doing well. I hope better days are ahead for you and your father, 7 yrs gosh I don't think I have ever heard of anyone that young with our Disease. Blessings to you both.

Hugs Cookey
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welcome Caroline to Crohnsforums

I am so glad that this experience has brought you and your dad closer together Family means everything to me, which is something I hope to pass on to my little girl someday, if I ever get to see her.. Her mom left me for another guy during her 7th month of pregnancy, and have not seen her since. Last I heard from her was on AIM so I always keep my Trillian online all the time, just in case.. My little girls name is/was Ashley Mcdonald the day of her birth, have no idea what she calls herself now, and I have no idea where she is, all I know is that she is 8 years old, I have no idea what she looks like or anything, or if her mom told her I even exist or not so I am very glad to hear you and your dad have a good relationship, never forget to keep that

take care, and God bless you both...
CD 12yrs, went off SCD after 6yrs too expensive, imuran 50mg/2day, thinking about Remicade again after on it 12mo 3 yrs ago, have all internal parts still besides appendix. diseased illeum, 9 diseased areas in large, narrowing where colon meets rectum, and severe Rectal Fistulas in the spincter muscle area where hemorrhoids normally are.

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Welcome Caroline!!!

Sure am glad you are here, and that you and your father are closer. It is sad that things like that are what does it, but hey, its good that something did!!!!

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hey caroline

welcome hun its funny how negeitives bring people together

all the best hun
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Hi Caroline.. think I was around 18 as well when I first got sick. Glad you have support at home, and have found us as well. Its always nice to hear of a great father-daughter relationship.. hold on to it! and be well.
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Caroline ...

I am sure that you will have a wonderful time here with all of us. I am GRANDMA BEAR aka KAREN so have a great time here & I look forward to reading your posts in the near future !!
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Hey Caroline.


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Hi Caroline Welcome to the forums.
Glad you found the site catch you around.
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Welcome to the forums Caroline

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