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What do large, smooth fatty lumps in stool mean?


Sorry about asking this but i'm worried.

I'm hoping you can help. For about six months, I periodically get smooth lumps in my stool. they are not normal stools and are orange in colour and float. Well, today I donned some gloves and had a look at what it was and when it was broken open, it's completely white inside and a strange consistency. It's like the consistency of solidified lard.

I take various medications for crohn's and diabetes as well as omeprazole, a complete vit B complex and Sea Kelp. the diabetes medication I take is Metformin and I take Pentesa for Crohn's.

I'm hoping you can help because these strange...stools? seem to happen either before, during or after a bout of diarrhea.

In addition, my stools seem to be paler in colour too.

Thanks for your help and sorry to be so graphic.

Kind regards


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I'm wondering if it may be steatorrhea which is excess fat in stools. There are many different causes as you can see looking through the link from the forum wiki (I'd talk to your doctor about testing for these possible causes to make sure you're not dealing with another health condition and nip it in the bud early). What has your GI said about it? Did this start happening after any of the medications you started taking?
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Are you on the slow release metformin? I had these orange lumps in my stool too, turned out to be metformin not being absorbed and swelling but passing through.
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When I had weird lumps that were smooth, it turned out to be the probiotic I was taking (tablets) were not fully breaking down but instead soaking up water and getting big and fluffy. I finally figured it out after examining it with a bamboo skewer and seeing it was red inside, and then a week later taking the tablet, realizing I didn't have water to wash it down, took it back out of my mouth, and saw it had turned a bit red already.

Crohn's Disease Forum » General IBD Discussion » What do large, smooth fatty lumps in stool mean?
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