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Questions about surgery

I'm coming to the end of my third hospital stay brought on by reintroducing food (after 6 weeks of NPO/24 hour TPN infusion) that caused severe inflammation and irritation of a stricture that I have from previous fistulae, abscesses and phlegmon.
Right now, my doctors have been giving us information about biologics like Remicade and Humira or the option of surgery. if i choose surgery, I'll come back after 2 weeks of bowel rest to calm the inflammation and I will have a resection of the ileum. how long does it take to recover from this? how soon can i eat?? (even more, how soon can i eat the foods i've really been missing for the past few months?). overall, what do you think of this surgery?
i will of course ask my surgeon these questions also but i wanted to know if you've had any experience!
also, if given the choice would you do Remicade/Humira over this resection procedure?
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Hi Megan,

Let see, I don't exactly know how much time it could be for that specific surgery but I've had colectomy after which I have been quite slow on reintegrating various food (but that was from fear, it was my first surgery). I had my terminal ileum removed last year and I was able to start eating normally within about 2 weeks post surgery. I don't know how long it may be with resection only as everything might be more fragile than having an ostomy formed (that is what I have). It is possible that its gonna be a little longer than what I just mentioned for my surgery and hopefully someone will give you a more related advice!

For what it is of Remicade and Humira, it really depends of your overall condition. If the disease is very localized then the surgery might be a better option (from my point of view) even though it involves a whole recovery process. Some people respond extremely well to medication which can greatly delay the need for surgery.
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Hi MeganGeddy
Just wondered how you got on as I am now asking the same questions now, Humira or operation? The drug really worries me and I thought maybe a resection of the ileum would be my first call, but on reading many on this forum saying operation to be very last resort I am now confused as Humira's side affects to lifetime quality of life scares me. Hope you are feeling much better now & can indulge in those foods a bit now!


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Hi Megan, I had a resection at the terminal ileum in September and they were feeding me regular food 2-3 days post op. I was released on my fifth day post op. I took the advice I found on the forum and took it easy and ate a modified low residue diet for the first couple weeks. I've been eating whatever I want ever since!

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