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Kate gr
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Hi, I have been on 125 mg of imuran for approx 7 months. I have been experiencing severe headaches in he past couple of weeks. Has anyone experienced these? If so, what are you taking for them.
Thank you!

Imuran 125 1xdaily
Asacol 800 3x daily
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Some of the things I have heard others here post regarding alleviating headaches from Imuran:
  • Some people take zofran for the headaches if they are severe and include nausea.
  • Some on here have also reported their doctor approved splitting the dosage so that it was taken morning and evening and that it helped. Talk to your GI about this though.
  • A temporary medication dosage adjustment may also help solve the problem.
  • Tylenol (possibly migraine relief strength)
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If the headaches are somehting new, you should get checked. There are other reasons for headaches besides medications, and in my experienbce it is better to rule out anything else and not 'ignore' it. If everything else (blood pressure, bloodwork etc) is ok, then I would concentrate more on treating the headache.

When I get a bad one, Excedrin Migrane actually helps me...I tried Butalbitol, but that didn't do much.

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While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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Here is a post about Imuran and headaches from the past. It seems dose related and maybe if you tweak your dose you may find relief.

NSAIDS can cause bleeding in people with IBD so unless otherwise contraindicated for you, Tylenol would be an option.

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My dose of Azathioprine was too high last year and it caused me to have headaches. My doctor reduced the dose and they went away.
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crap im only on 50mg and im getting pretty bad headaches that Tylenol doesn't shift. took solphodine today and that lifted it. funny the pharmacist said that it isn't listed as a side effect and advised me to get it checked because as pasobuf said it might be something else going on.
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I did have headaches once, but they were a precursor to a sinus infection / bronchitis. Splitting the dose twice a day may help

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Kate gr
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So I talked to the GI doctor and found that once the imuran is built up in your system it would take a few weeks of stopping. Med to see if it is the problem! He definately did not think the headaches were related to the meds and referred me to my reg doc.
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I been on aza for 6 months and recently in the last week started getting headaches too... More like a mussy head as I call it! I take paracetamol which did not touch it the other night but I managed to fall asleep anyway.

I have had tingling in right arch of my nose too so figured I much have a sinus infection.

I have been losing weight recently too. I'm on 100mg and now 7 stone 7 so think this might have something to do with it.
Azathoprine 100mg
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My son gets headaches from dehydration. You really have to drink a lot of extra water while on Imuran.
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