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Scared about pancreatitis

Hey everyone.

I recently after a colonoscopy and MRI found out I have crohns (inflammation in my small intestine). My doctor put me on imuran. I take half a pill for 2 weeks, then 1 for 2 weeks, etc. until the right dosage has been reached. I was really scared to try this. I was on asacol for a couple of weeks and I didn't notice any change. Now I have been on imuran for 12 days and I find that I have back pain in the middle of my back where it bends, and my stomach hurts too, up in the middle of my ribs. I don't know if it is stress bringing on this pain or something I should be actually worried about. Sometimes I convince myself that the worst is happening to me. What do you guys think? Am I just paranoid or could this be something to worry about? Also, I have to get bloodwork done after 2 weeks on the meds.. Would it show up there if I got pancreatis or if something else went wrong?

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I actually hate to give advice on this one, I can only tell you what it felt like when I had it.

It's horrible. Felt completely sick and miserable. Yes, I had pain in my upper belly on both sides, but had elevated liver enzymes at the same time, so hard to tell which was hurting more, the liver or pancreas.

When I've seen people with pancreatitis, they are extremely sick, sleep a lot, feel just miserable, not just pain.

So, I guess I would say it's always best to check with your GI if you have any questions that this might be the problem. Maybe you could catch a problem early.

Good luck and sending positive thoughts to you!
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yes, blood work can detect pancreatitis, I am not sure what blood test it is though but thats how they found that I had it.
I had it in November and it was awful. My back spasmed a lot and I had spasms near my rib cage as well.
Hope you feel better soon
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Thanks guys.. I've been up in bed 5 hours from 1:00 am to 6:00 am with horrible pain around my ribcage and I feel like I'm going to vomit. I didn't have pain like this before, with crohns I always have my pain below the belly button.. My boyfriend gets home from work in 40 mins and I'm seriously considering going to the hospital. I thought it might have been from stress but I've had stress pains before and I would have been able to sleep with them. I don't feel well at all
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I think if you are feeling worse then it might be best to get it checked out by your dr or go to the hospital.
My experiance with pancreatitis started off feeling a bit like really bad heartburn and then the pain went through to my back and then I started vomiting and couldn't stop so I went to my GP who refered me to the acute medical unit at the hospital. The blood test that is a good indicator of pancreatitis is amylase mine was ridiculously high so they determined it was acute pancreatitis from aza. I was in hospital for around a week and was given lots of fluids and pain killers and didn't eat for a few days as eating makes the pain worse. Unfortunatley as soon as I was discharged I took my new medication and it came straight back but worse than before so was back for another week in hospital.

Hope you get some answers soon x
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my experience with pancreatitis was quite different. I had it for months on end. it was not an acute episode more like a flare. it started of with an extremely bloated abdomen, followed by the pain. upper mid abdomen pain that would radiate to the back and shoulder tip. eating certainly makes it worse. my bloods showed raised amylase too but they were only in the 300-500 range. I did have one acute episode while I was in hospital. that was the worst pain I have felt in my life so far!!!
it all stopped on the day I started pred for my UC flare. the dos think I have auto-immune pancreatitis. but ill never know now unless it comes back.
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