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My flex sig vent

I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy yesterday. Today the nurse called me, but was rude. I asked her about the results. She said the doctor spoke with me and my dad yesterday, but we don't remember what he said.

I just remember him saying proctitis. The nurse just said it is from constipation. I asked about the path results. She said I would not understand the terms. She just she said I have "non specific changes." She said there was nothing wrong.

She didn't even want to send me the operative or path report. She said I got the operative report yesterday. I didn't get it, just 3 pictures.

I'm going to the hospital medical records department to get the reports. At least I can see what it says.
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Sorry you had to deal with that and Good luck getting your records.

You have a right to speak to your doctor to have him further explain the results and diagnosis to you, not the nurse. And if there is a diagnosis, you need to know what the treatment plan will be or if further testing is necessary.

If she still gives you a hard time is there a complaint department you can go to for answers? She sounds like she either had a really bad day or she's been in that job for a little too long.....either way an attitude adjustment is necessary.
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Actually, the doctor who did the test is not my main GI doctor. She was even rude to me when I called to ask questions before I had the test. She really didn't explain the prep that well to me.

This is a private practice. I was able to get financial assistance through my main doctor. They set it up so this GI can do the scope. Maybe she was rude because I had financial assistance, not a "regular" patient (with insurance). Or, because he is not my main GI.

I need to make an appointment with my main GI. Maybe he can explain it to me.
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Hi Caeryn23, were you able to get your results? I'm surprised that the nurse was even talking about the results on the path report as it takes longer than a day for the biopsy results to come in. Any news on an upcoming appointment or were you able to speak with your GI over the phone about your results?
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Thank you for responding. Here is the flexible sigmoidoscopy report.
Scope: Showed proctitis and fecal impaction/solid stool.
Sigmoid Biopsy report: "Colonic mucosa with mild nonspecific reactive changes including edema and congestion of the lamina propria with focal surface hyperplastic features."

I see my regular GI next week.

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