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Is not a very good crohn's day. I have been to the bathroom 4 times already, and have really bad cramps. It's doubly pissy cuz I have an interview today at 4 PM and am going to look at houses after that. wtf.

I'm sleepy. Who wants to take a nap?
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Well i hope your feeling a bit better this afternoon for your interview....have a good nap i always have one even when i'm feeling fine...(I love my sleep)

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I hope you are feeling MUCH better today. Days like yesterday really suck, but hopefully that is now in the past.
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ad days suck but it just makes to good days even better. I hope you feel better soon

All the best
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UPDATE: I got better with the sleeping for a bit there, but now things have gotten worse. Friday night, I just stayed in. Sort of slept, maybe 3 hours. Saturday night, after running around all day, I had a bday party to go to, and then I met a chick that night (date? Maybe? I dunno, we just hung out at a bar for a bit). I didn't sleep that night at all. Crohn's sweats, etc. I was crashin at my sis' place cuz she lives right down the road from where I was. Sunday, after going to a phillies game, I finally crashed for 3 hours. Woke up at 10 to go to the bathroom with vengeful force (I could seriously solve NASA's space shuttles blowing up problem, just strap me to the back of that sucker and feed me chili for 24 hours prior). Was up until about 4 AM, then woke up at 6 for work.

Things are gettin worse, though I was able to get some tuna sammiches in me today, and some PB crackers at lunch. One, I need to slow down a little bit. Two, I have a CAT scan tomorrow (tuesday) after work. Hopefully that'll give some insight to all of this.

Oddly, I'm not pissed or anything about this. Or scared. Or anything really. It just is.

If I'm able, I'm gonna be donating some bone marrow soon. I've met someone with leukemia who is absolutely incredible. I've heard people tell me the whole "You are so awesome, you just keep pushing along." This woman, she is truly inspiring. Nothing stops her. It won't be able to help her, but possibly one of the kids can benefit from it. This is all assuming that my doc and their docs say I can donate it. I figure what's one more needle, ya know? I guess this last part should go somewhere else. But I put it here. Lemme know if I should move it.

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