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LDN vs. painkillers

So, this is a mostly hypothetical question. After flaring again, I went to the GI and discussed pain management for the next time this happens (I get severe stomach pains, seemingly once every 3-4 months or so; it's pretty rare for it to get so bad, but when it does, it's excruciating). She was reluctant to prescribe anything, but she gave me a small supply of painkillers. Mercifully, I haven't had to touch them yet.

Since then, brilliant me has managed to fall off a skateboard. (Yes, I'm 33. Don't judge me.) I may have broken a rib. It's not the worst thing in the world, but the pain has increased over the past few days.

So yeah, now that I have this unrelated pain, I'm wondering about how I should deal with the situation if I have to take some sort of opiate-based painkiller for whatever. Right now I'm sticking to plain ol' Tylenol, but if I use anything more heavy duty, should I just stop taking the LDN altogether while I'm taking pain medication? Let me know your thoughts.
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Good question, from my understanding the LDN is in your system about 4 hours so taking the painkillers at a time not to interfere with the LDN would be my guess but I would probably call the doctor and ask just to make sure.
Hope it is not a broken rib and you are back on your skateboard soon. I was on one well after 33 (somebody had to teach my boys how to skate). They are way better then I am at this point and Jack has been begging for a long board.

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Glad to hear someone else was/is pushing around at my age! Thanks for the advice Jacqui!
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Here's my thought (and I get so few, so treat this as the rarity it is).. the opiate based painkillers shouldn't interfere with the LDN, and it is the LDN keeping your IBD at bay. But, the LDN MIGHT (and I say might because the dosage is so low) interfere with how effective your painkillers are. You take your LDN at bedtime, it should be gone/used up in 4, maybe 8 hours.. while you are sleeping.. so, if you're like me, a sound sleeper, you might be able to sleep thru any hiccups in your pain relief. Worst case, your pain relief will be less than optimal for 4 - 8 hours a day. If you stick with the LDN, your IBD should stay settled.. so the best bet is to tuff out the pain hiccups and stay the course.

Oh, and stay off the skateboards. Don't you have enough reasons to avoid hospitals as it is? ;-) A fellow could catch something serious or something in one of those places.

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Oh boy...the way I understand it, taking LDN will just make the narcotic not work as well as LDN works by blocking the opiate receptors. You can maybe take a few days off of the LDN if you really need to without a problem or you can just kind of experiment with the timing and all as in the other post. I think you can probably get more info from or maybe calling Skip's pharmacy at (800) 553-7429. Skip is so knowledgeable about LDN and I do think he takes it himself. He will probably attend the upcoming LDN conference in Chicago in Illinois as he usually speaks at them. Anyway good luck with the whole thing.

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