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Just need to moan.

I feel like poop.

My bloods came back with some inflammation, but I'm guessing not much as the dr told me to sit tight till my appt on the 26th

Of course I was disappointed they didn't say "don't worry there's this new pill you can take and you'll be right as rain"

But I'm more disappointed in myself. I guess a part of me thought if I could prove to everyone "hey look something is wrong" then id stop being made to feel like I'm a lazy waste of space.
Having this disease is like having a full time job, and only you guys understand that. My parents get moody when they still see me in my pjs at 5 in the evening, when my rooms a mess, when I look like I haven't showered because I'm constantly sweating from pain or fevers. I just thought they'd be a little more affectionate toward me if a doctor said yes something is going on.

I get mad cos I say things to my boyfriend to complain about the pain I'm in or the lack of sleep because of nausea or whatever. And I get mad because he replies with yeah my back hurts too because of this stupid chair, or I slept bad too.

The world does not revolve around me I know that I don't want it to, I just want people to stop brushing me of when I'm tryin to tell them I feel horrible.

I napped on and off for 6 hours today. Had a bath. Am in bed waiting to sleep an my stomach has decided it's now time to stage a battle with my intestines. I would never wish this on anyone, but sometimes I wish for one day they could feel the way I do and understand how little I complain. (Because I save it all for on here lol)
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I hear ya. No one can truly understand unless they have walked in our our shoes.
That is why I love this site so much. No one else truly understands.
I am a neat if a friend comes by and sees a dish in my sink or something out of place, they immediately know I am not well. It's like everything takes a back seat to this disease...sometimes even showering on a really bad day
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Although my CC is under control, right now I have one doozy of a sinus BAD I actually asked for pain meds from my doc! (And I have a HIGH tolerance for pain!)....husband doesn't have any idea, too sudden a move beyond on a knife stabbing my head, and now the movement of "stuff" in my head hurts like a son of a gun.....and I took 1 1/2 lortabs (5/325) not quite 4 hours ago!

Hang in there, you won't always be this way.....hopefully soon you will be on a course of treatment and feeling better!

30 plus years and counting with UC/Crohn's!
on remicade since 11/05

While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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Hang in there! It's supposed to get better (I think... :/). This forum is amazing for support--knowing what we're going through--and what we will go through in the future--is priceless for reinforcing that YES we are sick and YES it does suck. Every time someone responds with "support" as a one-up (you think you're in pain? Well I have x-y-z so there!) I want to slap them. This is not just a "tummy ache". This is World War 3 and we're the battlefield
Hope you're feeling better today!! Maybe your doc can call in some Tramadol for the pain while you wait for your appt?
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I can understand what you have acknowledgement of being unwell, to be taken seriously, it means an awful lot. I think we willalways come across people who don't truly appreciate what we go through. My dad belittles my health and its like a competition for him, he gets diarrhoea once and thinks he knows what is like.....strewth it drives me mad.

Keep your chin up and keep venting to us cos we definitely understand.
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Thank you all.
The only way my parents have some kind of inkling I'm sick is when I spend days in the bathroom, and considering I suffer more constipation than I do anything else, it's rare lol.
Rebreb I also don't shower when it gets bad lol don't worry you're not alone haha

Megal that is exactly how I feel, just rather than someone trying to get one up or pretending they understand just listen you don't even have to say anything sometimes we just need to say it out loud!

My doctor won't prescribe pain medicine, my family doctor did prescribe me lortabs but they're no good at night because they send me a little dolally and I can't sleep lol if the pain carries on I may just have to bring the appt forward but I'm scared of te cost of changing medicines, I really want to try going back on remicade but I'm scared of costing my family a fortune.

Lynda my parents are similar too, my mum gets a cold and she lays around doing nothing she gives up doing anything productive, she has a bad stomach and she also thinks its not a big deal (although the other day she admitted one time she was out in walmart and she ha no choice she had to go and she said she's lucky she doesn't have that often - her way of acknowledging that I'm not that lucky I guess lol)
My step dad has had a lot of health issues inc cancer and a recent scare a few years back where he was in icu for 4 weeks, he doesn't say anything though, unless he thinks I'm wetting sick and I'm going to cost him money, he tells my mum to talk to me and moans at her if I've not done anything all day. He thinks he remembers how it feels but the truth is when you're healthy you don't remember how bad it can be, why would you want to?

Another huge moan lol but really appreciate your understanding. I had 12 hours sleep last night and I feel a little more alive today

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