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Azathioprine & Alcohol

Im sure this has been asked many times before but just wondered what everyone's experiences with Aza and drinking alcohol.

Ive just started on 100mg Aza and doing ok so far, havent touched alcohol since I started & to be honest, have been progressively cutting down on how much I drink for a long while. I would however still like to enjoy a glass or two of wine now & again but I scared of drinking while on Aza due to the effect Aza can have on the liver - I wouldnt want to put any more pressure on it or cause any issues unnecessarily.

Do any of you on Aza still drink? If so, how much/often? And do you have any issues?
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I find alcohol effects my crohns so I do stay away from certain drinks (beer, red wine, dark spirits, fizzy drinks), but I can still drink vodka, cider and white wine if I dont go too stupid.

Drinking on aza had no ill effect on me, although my liver enzymes did increase after a night out (2days before a blood test), but never in any danger.

I think you just need to listen to your body. Try staying on one drink thoughout the night and by the next morning if your crohns is bad you will have a better clue as to what caused it
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As rygon says, alcohol can be quite detrimental to your Crohn's, so that's also the reason why I don't get really drunk. At most I drink a couple of beers, some wine or a shot or two of hard liquor, but not more.

As to aza and alcohol, the guideline is that anything (alcohol included) that impairs the liver's function should be stayed away from. However, this really more refers to heavy drinkers who not just occassionally drink, but who regularly drink a lot.

Anyway, in 10 years of aza (with a 2 year break in between) I have never had an issue with alcohol. I also got drunk a few times and regreted it each time... but not because of the aza, but because of the general hangover that gets augmented by Crohn's symptoms after a night of heavy drinking ;-).
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Thanks guys!

I already learned the hard way that I cant tolerate certain kinds of booze (esp. Beer) but I always seemed to be ok with white wine (like you, as long as I dont go too wild).

Im off to see Bruce Springsteen tonight so may try out having one or two & see how i get on- i have my next blood tests on thurs so.would be good to see if am gonna be ok having a couple now & again whilst on the Aza! Let yous know how I get on

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