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Aza & Weight Loss

Just a quick query - I was told the dose of Aza you take corresponds to your weight (2-2.5mg per kg of weight). Im currently on 100mg, due to rise to 150mg after a couple of months, but I want to lose a bit of weight (roughlty 18lbs) - would this amount of weight loss significantly affect the dose I should be taking??!
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18 lb is 8.16kg so that roughly works out to between a 16 to 20 mg change in the dosage My tablets are 50 mg so that would be just under 1/2 a tablet change. I'd mention it to your doctor and discuss if the weight loss would effect the dosage that much. They would be watching the routine blood work so that would be another way they could know if they had to adjust the dosage

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My tablets are 50mg too and they mentioned that they didnt think they could get 25mg just now - so Im unsure what that would mean - hmmm! Im not due to up my dose to 150mg until end of August so have a bit of time to try lose some & see what the situation is by then.
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Yes I think it is a good idea to mention it to your doctor. Also, remember that you will be getting regular blood tests on Aza which gauge how well your body is receiving the medication. So if at any point during your weight loss your blood work shows some concern, your doctor will know to adjust your medication accordingly.
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