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What if you miss a dose?

Forgot to give Grace her dose of LDN last night.
Can I give it this morning or should I wait????
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Not sure about LDN but if we miss a dose we wait till the next one.
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I have missed a couple, I just wait.

I believe Kev misses a couple of doses, a week, on purpose (not 100% sure).

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I've missed a couple here and there. I wouldn't take it during the day -- just wait until the following evening. Shouldn't make a huge difference.
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Same here we missed several here and there over the last year, we just skip it and take the next dose.

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Hi. I have missed the occasional dose. (pill). My understanding is that it has to be taken so it works in conjunction with the natural sleep cycle.. so my best guess is that if you miss it, wait till the next nite. I don't deliberately miss/skip pills. I believe Dan did, as he was of the opinion he thought it would prevent a build-up in the system. Me? I'm of the opinion that the 'aging' process of the compounded drugs take care of that for me, automatically. I've absolutely nothing to base it on.. but my methods have worked (and continue to do so) for the past 5 1/2 years. I guess, to put it another way.. my method doesn't appear to be broken, so I'm not about to try to 'fix' it.. and experience has taught that often, when we attempt to 'fix' things.. all we do is change the 'i' to a 'u'. Does that help anyone out?

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