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Novel solution for chronic gas!?

Greetings all, been a 35+years Chrohn's sufferer, finally may have come up with what I believe is a novel solution for painful/embarassing chronic gas. Currently self-manage my symptoms as well as can be expected: no meds for past 10+years, daily hard exercise, and regimen of vitamins, minerals and supplements. Been thru the wringer in years past with gastro MDs, specialists, surgeries, resections, lots of drugs etc., sure everyone knows the drill...most stubborn symptom to this day is non-stop gas, all day, every day; bad enough with empty stomach, worse on a full stomach, worst at night in bed. I was desperate for a solution. Doctors' best advice is take activated charcoal pills, which I did; they helped some, but need to take a lot and often, and they adsorb essential nutrients as well as the malodors. Also they do not last long and have limited effect overall. What I have found that works better than anything else by far is charcoal suppositories(!) Same idea as the pills but these go right to the main source of the odor and I am amazed how powerful these things are. No fun using a suppository 1-2 a day but frankly I do it for the relief these things provide. Since I could not find a single vendor that sells these I studied and learned to make them myself, they're like minor miracles. Question: does anyone else have experience with this or other remedies that are truly effective for relieving noxious gas. Thanks!
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I think antibiotics give some help on dealing with gas, you could ask your psicisian ss about that.

Flagy is one of the best known and you have also this one which is safer and works pretty well for the guts.

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you made them yourself?
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