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Sudden onset of pain in back and legs

I have posted a few times recently as I have had problems with arthritis. I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced any thing similar as the past couple of weeks a couple of things have changed.
First off the pain increases rapidly I always have joint pain but most of the time I can deal with it but the last couple of weekends the pain has sky rocketed, to the point I really debate if I should go to a&e. After a few days of intense pain it settles but is still very much there. I was having swelling in my joints but this seems to not be as prominent but the pain is worse, and I really struggle to lift my left leg without using my arms or getting help from my boyfriend. Walking is a real problem and I feel exhausted and hot after a short amount of time.I have been getting back pain which goes down into my buttocks and radiates across the bottom of my back. I also get shooting pains in my shins up to my left knee. It hurts my back when having a BM which is horrible and my urine stream is a lot weaker (sorry tmi). I am starting to worry something else is going on but I don't know, I have mentioned all symptoms apart from the urine thing as I didn't link it up to the pain until now. I also get pain further up my back in between my shoulder blades and it hurts to move my arms.
If anyone can give any advice or even to say they have been through something similar would be comforting. Could this still be arthritis but just getting worse? I am contacting the Drs again in the morning.
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It sounds like you are really flaring and your arthritis is acting up. I know you are fighting for the Cimzia. Keep pressuring them and be on their case about how awful you feel and how desperately you need their help.
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Unfortunately, I can't give you a clear insight but I have something that sounds like a mild form of what you are describing. I have sacro-iliac type of pain and I am currently trying to get a diagnosis for them. They don't restrain me much as of yet but it sounds a bit similar. It is usually painful to sit on a toilet and get from it (I can't speak for the BM, DNA here). I am under the impression my coccyx and sacral vertebra are inflamed or something like that. Like, I have hard time turning around when I lay and walking is painful even though tolerable, sitting hurts too at times... Luckily, it seems my crohn is dormant, unfortunately, it sounds like this condition is there to stick in my case... been there and kinda increasing for a few months... :S
Have you been diagnosed for spondylarthritis or RA or have you just been told you have EIM of arthritis?
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I had this severely three times last Year.
The GI ordered CAT scan which they said was negative,white cells were increased and suggested infection somewhere.(May2012)
Three months later same symptoms severe back pain and into backs of legs etc.(August 2012)
Emergency found blood in urinalysis, white cells increased etc.
Another month (September 2012) later same symptoms urology consult requested-------- waited 5 months for this.
Cystoscopy (May 2013) showed small tumor in bladder--surgery now scheduled for July. 15 months after initial symptoms because docs did not coordinate with each other. GP said it was nothing after the early symptoms..GI insisted on further urology consult....Hope its benign..
Now the back pain is on again off again----but not too bad to endure.
One month ago woke up in small hours---severe abdominal pain and rigors nausea.Axillary Temperature 40deg.Went to ER.
Emergency set up saline iv with gravol for nausea., later changed to 5% Glucose with bicarbonate...
White cell count high, LFT increased. blood in urine etc.
Temperature reduced back to normal 12 hours later after tylenol 4hourly. Finally allowed home.
Further course un eventful.
GI felt maybe small abscess that was not found on Xrays and CAT scan.
And so it goes----
Crohn's has so many hidden talents ....!!
You are not alone.
Feel better soon
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What your describing is exactly the same as my wife , its as if she was describing herself to me ..

she needs the assist to move about etc and has the constant pain in all the joints especially in the back around the hips area.. pain also goes through the roof especially if she is worring or paniking about things ( in her case its worry over one of our kids)

the doctors also said its arthritis .......

then we found a doctor with a more open mind, turned out to be FIBROMYALAGIA.
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Thank you all for replying I really do appreciate it and has comforted me greatly. I am going to phone the Drs soon to chase up getting steroids to see if that can get things under control.

PsychoJane: I have been diagnosed with arthritis as an EIM of crohns a few years ago but one of my worries is that this isn't what it is anymore and untold amounts of damadge could be done. I have family history of RA and usually its onset is quite young, I really don't want for the Drs to keep messing me around like they are at the moment and for it to turn out being something else and having to have joints replaced.

I am doing everything I can to get them to listen but I seem to be just repeating myself over and over and either nothing being done or someone in the department doing the wrong thing and booking me the wrong appointment like I had yesterday.
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I had something similar. Didn't realize what it was until a rash appeared. Long story short, it was a toxic reaction to the drug (AZA) I was on back then. Dr's in the ER immediately stopped the drug.. pain went away within 24 - 48 hours. The rash toolk almost a year to fade away. I've never been on metho, but I'd suggest you get it checked by doctors ASAP.

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Yes, I believe arthritis with maybe some nerve pain also. I had a herniated disc back in 99 and had surgery. Now the scar tissue is built up and it's pushing on that nerve again and I get very similar pain as you. My left hip is really bad, the pain is in left buttocks, lower back and even between my shoulder blades sometimes too. I have degenerative disc disease and narrowing of the spine in my upper back. But some days, it is crippling trying to get around. My Dr. gave me oxycodone for these days. It really helps me. I hope you can go get checked out by an orthopedic Dr. and get a test done to see if it isn't more going on.
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Thank you for the support I am waiting to hear back from the rheumatology nurses about some of my worries.
My boyfriend picked up my prescription for pred today and they haven't even given me enough tablets to finish the 4 weeks that I am meant to take them for. I am so pissed of with this now nothing is ever simple, so now I am going to have to call the Drs surgery again and see why I wasn't prescribed enough even though the rheumatology nurse wrote down exactly how much I would need and for how long. I feel like ripping my hair out.
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I am so sorry! I went through this same thing and had every test imaginable done. I was even sent to a neurologist and a spine specialist. They all agreed that the only thing showing up was arthritis. I went on a time of Prednisone and it finally subsided, but I go through it when I'm in a bad flare up. I take it as my disease being out of control.

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