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Azathioprine and photosensitivity

I have been on 100 mg of Azathioprine for the last two years, with Pentasa and Cipro, which put me in remission. I forgot all about the photosensitivity, and went out working in my garden all day without sunblock. I now look like a lobster. The sunburn from hell. Even the part in my hair got sunburned. I hope it does not blister and peel. The thought of getting skin cancer is scary. So a word of warning to you all, don't do what I did. Cover up and use sunblock. I think I am going to have a very painful night.
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Oh god sounds horrible. I am on cipro now and I go out for small bouts without sun screen. I know it's probably stupid but I'm stubborn and I hate sun screen.

I recommend pure aloe Vera for your burn it works really well.
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I did not notice sun sensitivity too much last summer... But this spring and summer any amount of outside time and I feel deep burning in my skin. It's weird too feels both like a sunburn and feels deep in the skin for several days after hiding in shade. Also sometimes I peel and others I don't hadn't figured out why... Sun exposure is more or less the same.

Makes my summer time activities harder to do (Volunteer coaching, backpacking, and jogging). I am tempted to try some high SPF sunscreen but always hate how sunscreen/location stuff makes me feel.. Can't wait to shower after putting sunscreens on.

My skin also looks very old this year it's wired!!
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