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Could it be a cure???...hmmmm

As a 17 year long "former" mental health patient and survivor of what I now see as another American epidemic, I was only slightly hesitant to post what you are about to read. As my title suggests, I invite you to have an open mind, ALLOW yourself to be completely honest (with open eyes) about how things REALLY are in this country vs WHAT we are sold....then you decide.

American culture has changed over the past few decades in a way that does not support the "Backbone" of this country. I'm speaking of the average individual; the worker -bee; the person who wants to be good in life; who wants love in the form of a family be it simple romance or the commitment of a lifetime mate and children. The "average American" no longer feels safe to communicate his/her true desires for fear of peer retaliation, blatant rejection or any number of criticisms which produce social discredit. The media reinforces so-called socially acceptable standards of the "American Dream" to ONLY include wealth, beauty, and or most recently..."Fame."

Here's one point to consider: OBESITY is now all the rage in the do-good-er field of health. Fitness is highly promoted (count the number of gyms in your community) Obesity is frowned upon, yet again, count the number of fast food chains in your community. Obesity is being called an American epidemic but the very foods and products needed to sustain a more "acceptable" weight are priced so far out of range for the individuals who suffer from it most. How often do you see overweight individuals in ad campaigns? ( for anything other than to target the obesity market-ex: plus sizes) It's worth thinking about.

Have we become so politically correct that we have unknowingly built a completely dysfunctional culture? This is the snowball I see> Expectations are continuously being raised on average Americans...the backbone of this country. The words "respect", "support" and "nurture" now have different meanings. Fifty years ago when there were few homeless people, families took care of each other. The word "respect" meant common courtesy, do unto others, love thy neighbor or something along those lines. Today, it represents power and those who think they are getting it, more often than not, view it as admiration for their "is, are's and haves". Fifty years ago, "support" meant sharing your true ideas/feelings/love with those who were struggling, it meant helping others to be their best or at least good enough, and it also meant acceptance. Today, it means information, Government handouts, and mostly cheering squads. Fifty years ago, "nurture" meant love...period. If it required the one doing the loving to deprive you of unhealthy vices, it was done. If it meant showing you unconditional love and acceptance...that too, was done. And if it meant standing by each other from beginning to was done...with few questions. Today, few people can even understand the concept of the word, much less are able to practice it.

What this means is I am not the first to speak out on this subject, and now having a better vision on it, can take a stand. Americans are not adapting successfully to the kinds of changes that are being forced upon us. When individuals cannot thrive because conditions do not support the natural course of human nature, we get failure of the worst kind. The current American model is this: media/management/peer/imagined expectations+ politically acceptable performance= SUCCESS aka=social acceptance.
There has been enough research over the past 63 years to support the theory that said model has failed. The majority of Americans (80%) are rapidly reaching the fall-off point. Results can be seen in the large number of issues we are currently plagued with including but not limited to: wide spread anxiety, depression, physical ailments in nearly every category, obesity, suicide, crime, divorce, addiction and the list goes on if you care to look.

I'm not suggesting conspiracy, but like a rhesus monkey with his hand so tightly wrapped around an orange in a jar- he dies in his own trap, we as Americans have to start letting go if we stand a chance at surviving. Human minds and bodies are rebelling. LISTEN TO YOURS!

I posted here because I believe the poison that I accepted for 17 years is a main contributor of my current condition. Fifteen months ago I dumped 17 years of control down the toilet and haven't looked back. I made a decision to take responsibility for myself, my condition and my outcome. Someone once told me, Life is a here I am...LET'S DANCE!

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