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Yoga and Crohn's

I started men's yoga half a year ago. I was persuaded by a colleague to join, the classes are paid by my firm and it's from 12-1pm on Monday's and Thursday's, so it really doesn't cut into free time.

Anyway, I think it really works well for Crohn's management because it both is sport and relaxes me. As this is men's yoga, the "spiritual" element has been cut out and it focuses on the physical elements of yoga plus to a smaller extent on breathing techniques.

Any other Yoga enthusiasts out there (men included ;-) )?
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Yoga, running, freeletics on the sport side!
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I do it at home in the morning before the kids get up. I'm just patiently waiting to be able I get back into it after my bowel resection. It's such a calming way to start the day.

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