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Newly diagnosed with LC

This is a re-post, I posted in the your story section before, but it looks like this may be the more appropriate place.

First, I am so glad to have found this forum!

I am a 26 year old female who has been struggling with digestive issues and abdominal pain since I was a teenager. It has been intermittent, and recently become worse in the past year. I went to my PCP last summer due to on-going diarrhea/loose stool as well as abdominal cramping. She attributed it to IBS and told me to return if symptoms continued. On and off for the past year they came and went, I never went back to my PCP. About two months ago I having an extremely bad flare up that was causing me to be late to work and have to miss work. Constant chronic diarrhea and loose stool, abdominal cramping, hot flashes, becoming flushed, sweating, cramping that would wake me at night, continued urge to use the bathroom, etc. etc. I love to walk and was walking up to 3 miles each morning before work, but I wasn't able to do this anymore due to the chronic pain and on-set of diarrhea. I felt tired all the time and my body just felt exhausted. I finally went back to my PCP and she ordered blood work. My SED rate was elevated and she put me on Bentyl, still thinking it was IBS. At the same time referred me to a GI doctor. The GI doctor was wonderful and did a thorough history my first appointment. I had additional blood work done that ruled out Celiac Disease, but indicated an elevated C-Reactive Protein. He suggested I have a CT scan and colonoscopy done. The CT Scan came back noting "multiple mesenteric lymph nodes" present, but indicated no cause. At 26 years old, I never thought I would have to have a colonoscopy and I was horrified. All of the testing and speculation definitely had an impact on my anxiety and stress level (which was tough to manage seeing how I work as a therapist and spend my days counseling and helping others.) The prep wasn't as bad as I expected and I had the colonoscopy two weeks after my initial GI appointment. The doctor said that everything appeared to look normal, but took biopsies to look for microscopic colitis. Checking the mail everyday for results, nothing... All I wanted was the results and an answer. I knew that something was not right and I was starting to think some of it was all somatic, due to little evidence of anything going on and the intermittent nature of things. One month and I had lost at least 13 lbs.. I have been having a hard time losing weight for a long time. I went for my follow-up this afternoon, two weeks after the colonoscopy and received the diagnosis of Lymphocytic Colitis. Had never heard of it. Apparently I don't fit the typical profile due to my age. Relieved to finally have an answer. I have been prescribed Budesonide, which I will start taking tomorrow morning. I have a follow up in one month with my GI doctor. I am new to all of this, and thankfully I found this forum. Any information, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated in relation to diet, exercise, daily routines, incidences that this can move into Crohn's or another form of IBD? Anything will be appreciated. I look forward to using this forum and finding ways to better manage my life with this new diagnosis.

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