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Rash/Skin problems?

New to this site. Just diagnosed with LC. I am wondering if anyone else has any skin issues and if these could be related?

I have extremely sensitive, fair skin, so the slightest thing can be an irritant. However, I often break out in what I assume are hives. Sometimes, there is only one, other times a cluster. They typically appear on my face (above eyebrows, cheeks, sides of eyes) or my throat and chest. Usually, they last for a day and go away. Other times They have lasted a few days and will then appear as raised red spots that tend to flake then disappear after 3-4 days. I also have some spots on my upper legs that look very similar to hidradenitis suppurativa, in the research I have done. They also come and go.

Has anyone else struggled with any rash issues? Do you believe it is related? What has helped to alleviate these symptoms?
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Hi Lanz,

Wanted to pop in, say hello. I read your MC story in the other thread, and some of it reminded me of myself, having developing MC as a teen, with the constant D, and awful fatigue. Rather lovely disease we have.

I too have been know to develop a slight rash, which can mostly be found across my chest. I've often wondered myself if there is a connection between the rash and GI issue. It has been a curiosity for doctors in the past, but no known cause on what might be behind it.

I can say that here of late I've improved my gut situation greatly with my diet, along with taking a few supplements. I'm getting close enough to where I feel comfortable to use the R word, remission here of late. As a result of the improved gut, I've noticed the rash has nearly gone away. It is still there to some degree, but lesser in appearance.

As for diet, what seems to have helped me was avoiding grains, eggs, chicken, and now cow products, dairy and beef, are on my avoid list. Hopfully over time I'll be able to refine my diet, as not all I avoid might be trouble makers. Many would call what I eat a modified paleo diet. On this paleo diet it has become rare for me to be ill to the gut, and energy levels have improved substantially.

Supplements I take are enough vitamin D to reach a testing level between 50 to 70ng/ml, fish oil, some magnesium water, kelp for thyroid health, along with a few others.

Overall, I think we are all individualistic with our IBD conditions. What has been working for me might not be as big of a help to you.

If you have not already, for other ideas you might check out David's thread about how he successfully treated his LC/MC condition with diet, supplements, and possibly other treatments.

Good luck!
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My skin always has been very sensitive, and even more so when I'm flaring. A really good moisturizing lotion helps, such as Gold Bond (if you aren't sensitive to menthol) or Vaseline Intensive Rescue, ff. Really though, it seems like treating the underlying illness helps most; when I use pred it all clears up


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I have also had rash issues, though on my hands and feet. It would start out with a little blister, or cluster of blisters which would then pop. It would itch, crust over and start anew in a different location. I just recently began using vitamin e oil. I just pop open the capsule, and rub it gently into the affected areas. It is working wonders!!!!!!
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I have the same issues. I used to get the hives upper body that drove me nuts itching. Now I get the red paches on my shins and they itch too, also on my scalp and around it. They take awhile but eventually go away. I have white blister like things on my feet too. They are always there. I have just learned to live with it and like mountaingem says, use a good lotion! I pour a small bottle of vitamin e oil I get at the dollar general store straight in to my lotion bottle. Shake it up well and wala, healing lotion! Love it!
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While I was in hospital for crohns my IBD specialist asked about other medical conditions rashes etc. I have always had on and off patchy red skin on my face that my gp diagnosed as Rosacea. I mentioned this to my IBD specialist and he said that Rosacea was also an autoimmune disease like crohns. What I noticed was that during taking the steroid treatment for crohns my skin also cleared up. but once off them it came back. Nothing I have found or tried has ever worked for my skin and I am not about to take large does of steroids just for that. There is a steroid based skin cream but it really does nothing to help as it is very minor in strength. I guess having all these autoimmune diseases just makes me one of the lucky ones that has to deal with it for the rest of my life haha oh well, could be worse I guess.
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LOL nice plug sfsaltco. But really while your product may help in skin autoimmune issues such as psoriasis or rosacea, most things I have tried seem to need to be taken or applies for a period of time before any results show. Then they need to be continued for results to be maintained which ends up being very expensive but I guess that is the personal choice of each individual. The problem I have found with maintaining the use of any particular product when having an overactive immune system is my body will seem to overpower or become immune to any result and the white blood cells that are the problem with any autoimmune disease start to dominate again. So Either a higher dose is needed or stopping for extended period is needed. I have found that Autoimmune conditions need to be fought at a cellular level to be successful and most topical type treatment really have no effect. And like I say, when I am on the prednisone for my crohns my skin clears up, but when I'm not flaring with my crohns I would not take strong steroids just for skin condition, it is not worth the side effects and heath risks just to have clear skin.. Anyway Thanks for the advice but when you are just plugging your own product its hard to believe that your opinion would not be bias. Maybe you should create a profile and pretend to be a happy customer of SFSalt Co and recomend the product to others, seem like thats what alot of other companies do. lol

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