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Not sleeping, on steroids, can you tell me why?

I got crohns and ulcers in my stomach mouth and bowls
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I'm sorry you are having trouble sleeping. Have you discussed this with your doctor?

Unfortunately steroids can cause insomnia.
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry you're having such a hard time right now.

When I've been on steroids, I find it difficult to sleep. Are you on any other medications.
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When my daughter was on steroids we found if she took them first thing in the morning she'd sleep ok...When are you taking yours?
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I've had sleep issues for 30 years but my insomnia has gotten much worse since I went on Uceris. I'm also having anxiety over trivial issues which is extremely uncharacteristic for me.

Here are some very simple techniques for aiding with insomnia.

-Use your bed for sleep only. Don't watch TV, read, or do other activities in your bed. The purpose is for your brain to associate your bed with sleep only.

-Avoid caffeine. If you're going to drink coffee or caffeinated beverages, do it in the morning only.

-Clear your mind when laying in your bed. If your mind begins to wander, focus on a single tone in your mind. I imagine a humming tone.

-If you can't sleep, get out of bed and do some very light activity for about 15 minutes. Studies have shown that this will aide in getting to sleep.

Best of luck!
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