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Spouse with Ulcerative Colitis

Hi there,
So I am new to all of this, but I figure that I might as well try this out.
My boyfriend was diagnosed this past winter with ulcerative colitis, he has been 6 months on Mezavant completely symptom free. He didn't have any symptoms leading up to the event this past winter. But our local hospital couldn't properly diagnose him so it went untreated and got worse. He was sick for about 3 weeks. He was very ill these 3 weeks, blood in the stool and lost about 30 pounds because he couldn't eat anything. He was put on prednisone and Mezavant immediately, and was weaned off of prednisone but still on Mezavant.
We have been dealing with a specialist that isn't very helpful trying to learn about the disease so we have been trying to find out all that we can. Yesterday he told my boyfriend he would need to be on these meds for 2 more years. When we asked why, he got a little angry.
My boyfriends goal is to try and live a almost normal life if he can go medication free, he'd like to with diet modification. But I guess my question to the forum is are there any success stories from people that have similar stories??
Any information will help, thank you!
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Welcome to the forum. I noticed you mentioned treating with diet and wanted to direct you to the Diet, Fitness and Supplements forum(<--click here). There is a wealth of info in the threads in that forum.
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i have crohn's which is similar and i always feel guilty for holding my boyfriend back during a flare up (as in never wanting to go anywhere or do anything). he's great though, i know i would be much worse off without his help and support. it's awesome that you're staying by him and going with him to his appointments. i'm sure he really appreciates you more than you know.

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