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Humira started yesterday for my son. Prayers continue. He has a narrowing found to be layers of inflammation and scar tissue but the team decided that surgery was not the best alternative right now. So tried a few other meds, back on prednisone and losing weight so now - Humira.

Mom to WZRD boy
18 yrs old - down to 110lbs. 6'1" (lost about 18 lbs. last few months)
60 mg prednisone - every time we taper down to 10 he gets violently ill
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multi vit
D supp
Bcomplex supp
FAILS: pentasa, 6mp, azathioprine, allapurinol, cipro, flagyl, remicade, various food eliminations and diets
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i've been on a few rounds of Prednisone and hated it. they just started me on Entocort instead, and it seems to be much safer. IDK if thats helpful, if you just want to look it up or something. good luck to your son, keep your chin up!
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My wife has had great luck with Humira, I hope your son does too.

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